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US Veterans are suffering food insecurity on top of PTSD

Homeless, discared and hungry US veterans are suffering food insecurity. (Getty Images)

With a US military budget of over 1700 billion dollars one would think that some of that should be allocated for veterans, yet, not only is that not done, but Veterans are going hungry and are committing suicide on a daily basis.

The topic of US veterans has been a controversial one, and for the wrong reasons. The latest news is that they are suffering from food insecurity. But why would veterans of the US army experience such a phenomena?

Food insecurity among US veterans and military families has been a problem which has persisted for some time.

Not only is this an issue which has not been covered in the mainstream media that often, US policymakers have also failed to address it.

Veterans of the US are Americans that the US government has used for their foreign policy adventures, especially wars that have been waged. And there has been no shortage of wars when it comes to the US.

We veterans become quite dangerous when we become activated and realize the truth and understand that we've been used as pawns in a game for bankers' wars.

So we suffer emotionally, the rate of suicide amongst the veterans is 22 a day. That is unreported, and food insecurity.

Well that's minor, you know, compared to some of the other issues; we've got some major, major breakdown, America is imploding, flat out, and part of it is the breakdown of society, family, and our veterans.

They say thank you for your service, but in truth, we throw them in the gutter.

Ken O’Keefe, US War Veteran

It has been revealed that the US is involved in more than 80 military incursions across the world under the guise of the War on Terror.

The Pentagon has been sending US troops on missions around the globe to combat what it called violent extremists.

The US has over 800 military bases in 80 countries so their military undoubtedly has financial resources, so when these veterans are reported to not have the means to provide themselves with food, that is not only embarrassing for the US, but also reveals the mindset of US lawmakers, who are failing to take care of these veterans despite having a duty of care toward them, as well as a moral obligation, to do so.

After all, these are the same people that the Pentagon put in harm's way in battlefields across the world for various facile reasons.

The politicians are actually doing their job. Their job is not to serve the people. Their job is to serve the bankers, they roll over and do as a well trained dog would do for the bankers, everything they do is counter to the interests of the people of America; name me one thing that America does that is actually in the interest of the people.

The best they could do is send out a COVID Relief check, which is really just a mild form of bribery, like throwing a dog a bone.

The US government does not work for the people, the government is comprised of traders, who by the legal definition of the word treason, should be charged, convicted, and according to the law, executed.

Ken O’Keefe, US War Veteran

According to one study, 6.5% were food insecure between 2011 and 2017. However, other studies show food insecurity among veterans to be higher, afflicting around half of the total veteran population of around 18 million.

Another sad reality amongst US veterans is the high rate of suicides, said to be between 17 to 23 veterans every day.

Although the number is on a downward trajectory, it is still very high; the situation was so severe that in 2013 the US Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010. The study showed that roughly 22 veterans were committing suicide per day or one every 65 minutes.

Some sources suggest that this study may be under-counting veteran suicides.

There would be no interest in them inflating the numbers, if anything, they will deflate the numbers. I believe it is far more than 22 a day.

You know my partner, who I'm working with now, is a marine… He was in Afghanistan fighting a banker's war, as I was in Iraq, and he stepped on an IED and his legs were blown off above the knees; right there, legs gone.

He had to deal with all of that and come home, and I can assure you the price he paid was not worth it, especially when you consider the fact that he knows this, as well as I, we don't fight to defend America.

Ken O’Keefe, US War Veteran

The reason why the US government is not paying close attention, nor providing care, to veterans has been a contentious issue amongst policymakers.

With a US military budget of over 1700 billion dollars one would think that some of that should be allocated for veterans, yet, not only is that not done, but Veterans are going hungry and are committing suicide on a daily basis.

Well I'll tell you who gets the money, and it isn't the veterans, Israel gets over $10 million a day. That's over 3 billion, that is the richest nation in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the people of Gaza are sucking on the latest slaughter, genocide, torture, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Again, the American taxpayer is flipping the bill for that. So Israel is doing quite swimmingly but the veterans in America? Oh sorry, we really don't have much, we're going to spend a bunch of money to send you off to war, but when you come back from war, we will throw you into the trash.

Ken O’Keefe, US War Veteran

Even the veterans who seek medical attention are not faring that well either. The US Department of Veterans Affairs, which was created to care for military veterans, is reported to be under siege, facing one challenge after another. Extreme waiting times for care have been reported with some not being treated at all as a result.

Surely the more than 2 million women and men who serve in the US Global War on Terrorism, which has been waged primarily in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, are now rethinking why they fought for a government that does not care about them, a mindset which will most certainly be passed on to others in the US.


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