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Iran army unveils new military achievements

Hooman Abedi
Press TV, Tehran


Iranian Army’s Ground Force has unveiled several new achievements developed by Iranian experts.

In a ceremony in Tehran and in the presence of high-ranking officials, seven new achievements were put on display on Sunday.

Portable radar alarms, portable laser alarms, micro-turbojet engine, Tiam 1400 surveillance system, artificial intelligence-based flight system, Taha 1400 interception system, and upgraded ground-based jamming systems were the new breakthroughs showcased in this event.

All these new military stuff have been developed by the Research and Self-Sufficiency Organization of the Iranian Army.

The new systems make the identification, surveillance and destruction of aerial and ground targets easier.

Tiam 1400 has the ability to detect various types of air surveillance radar signals and transmit the received signals to disrupt them.

Taha 1400 is another system that uses antennas to cover a wide operational area and ensures the flight safety of various drones in the enemy areas.

Iranian officials have repeatedly stressed that the country will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities, which are solely for defense purposes and that the Islamic Republic will never negotiate over its defense capabilities. 

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