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UN continues pressure tactics on Damascus

Murtaza Jaffer
Press TV, London

A back and forth exchange at the latest UN meeting discussing alleged use of chemical weapons as the UN and the OPCW continue efforts to pressure the Syrian Arab Republic with allegations devoid of substantial evidence.

Senior UN disarmament official Izumi Nakamitsu has called on the Syrian Arab Republic to cooperate with the OPCW in ongoing investigations over the alleged use of chemical weapons during the war on Syria. 

Tensions ran high as Nakamitsu fell just short of accusing Damascus of producing chemical weapons despite the lack of clear evidence. Allegations surround a chemical plant used for manufacturing industrial and household chemicals.

The OPCW have alleged the facility was instead used to weaponize chemicals and are weighing on Damascus to prove the allegations false.

Some analysts are pointing out that the OPCW have already concluded their findings despite asking Damascus to provide more details in the very same sentence. Russia’s Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, was quick to call out the discrepancies. 

Investigations remain ongoing however the credibility of the OPCW remains at an all time low after a member of their fact finding team leaked efforts by senior OPCW officials - who manipulated findings to make a chemical attack seem more conclusive. some believe this was done to justify further western aggression and intervention. 

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