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Iranian Army’s Ground Force holds 2nd day of drills on Makran coast

Hooman Abedi
Press TV, Jask


The military drills by the Iranian Army’s Ground Force has continued with Chinook choppers taking divers to Makran coast waters to attack hypothetical enemies.

After descending, they swam to the seashore while carrying their guns. Then, they launched an attack on mock enemy targets and positions.

Another group of these divers began to shoot at enemies at sea to destroy their boats. After finishing their mission the same helicopters returned to the coast to take them back.

On the second day, Brigade 223 took the lead by deploying its rangers from inland bases to coasts in Jask port in order to show off their capabilities in confronting with enemies. 

Iran’s Army Ground Force stages different types of missions to show the enemies that any possible threat would be answered swiftly.

After that the Army Air Force copters flew over the region to give support to rangers by firing at enemy hideouts.

The maneuvers came to an end, but the commanders made assurance that if the enemies would think of threatening Iran’s national interests, a harsh response will be shown.

Iran’s Army plays a very important role in safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity and that’s why its forces on the land, in the air, and at the sea are always ready to conduct the missions. 

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