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Trump pardoning people and corporations for money: Expert

Two women watch as Marine One takes off from the South Lawn of the White House with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump who are en route to Mar-a-Lago, the President's private club, where they spent Christmas and New Years Eve in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)

US President Donald Trump is a dishonest and corrupt person who is probably pardoning people and corporations for money, an American political commentator has said.

Human Rights Watch has said Trump’s pardoning of four Blackwater contractors, convicted of killing at least 14 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in 2007, is an “insult to justice” and the victims.

“This pardon is an insult to justice and an insult to the victims who waited so many years to see some measure of justice,” Sarah Holewinski, Washington director at Human Rights Watch, told Al Jazeera on Friday.

Trump on Tuesday pardoned the four guards – Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, Dustin Heard and Nicholas Slatten – who were part of an armored convoy that opened fire indiscriminately on a crowd of unarmed people in Nisour Square in Baghdad.

The pardons unleashed a wave of condemnation from human rights groups as well as Iraqi officials.

Rob Kall, executive editor at, said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday, “What Trump is doing is anything but normal, but your question is will this normalize the kind of things that have been done in Iraq and Iran, and what's been done there has been pretty terrible.”

“And so yes, what Trump is doing may just be an attempt to normalize it. I don't believe that the American people are going to stand for it. I believe that what was given by the Constitution in terms of the power of the president to pardon people was done with the intention of allowing justice to happen where injustices were caused,” he added.

“So, a president could pardon somebody who was sentenced to life in prison for stealing $50 from a store or something like that, or pardon Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, who violated some laws but in reality what they did was the right thing. But what Trump is doing is pardoning his friends, his family,” he stated.

“I believe that he will probably without even letting people know because you don't have to know if somebody has been pardoned, I believe that he'll be pardoning people and companies for pay or for exchange of deals that are made with him or directly or with his son or his wife or his daughter, and their businesses,” he noted.

“And this is outrageous despicable corruption, but Trump has shown us that there are no depths too low of shameful behavior that he can resort to. And I expect that he will do that,” he said.

“There are a couple of weeks left, three weeks, little over three weeks left before he is flushed out of office. And I believe that he will use that time to exact revenge on the people he identifies as his enemies, and that includes all the people who voted for Joe Biden and the people in the republican party who act in a sane way, and acknowledge that Trump lost,” he said.

“So, the US is in danger. The world is in danger and who knows what Trump will do next. It seems like his anger, his obsession with revenge is reaching a peak and who knows where it will go. As far as the behavior of the government,” Kall said.

“I don't think that we're going to see that much better from Joe Biden, except that Joe Biden was a part of the Iran peace agreement, and I think that he will probably attempt to reinstitute it if he can as well as the Paris ecological agreement, but we know that Trump has done everything he can to create impediments to enabling Biden to reverse any of the things that Trump has done. So it's not going to be easy. And it could take a long time to make those reversals happen,” he concluded.

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