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More nationwide demos against police brutality in US

A protester raises a communist flag during a march from the Colorado state capitol to the Denver city jail demanding the release of five activists who were earlier arrested, September 19, 2020. (Photo by Reuters)

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Chicago

Americans continue to mobilize to end their longstanding epidemic of police brutality. Across the nation, car caravans and rallies were held to demand immediate judicial action against police who are caught on tape committing violence, and also for a new, grassroots way to keep cops in check via the creation of local “Civilian Police Accountability Councils.”

Even amid a universally-panned coronavirus response and an economic catastrophe which may spark a “second Great Depression,” finally reining in cops has been the biggest domestic issue this year.

Political apathy in the United States is notoriously high, but the constant stream of video proof of police brutality has turned Black Lives Matter into the biggest social movement in 50 years. There has been over 100 days of continuous protest in multiple US cities and solidarity protests in over 70 countries.

A new study showed that 96% of 8,000 Black Lives Matter protests since late May have been peaceful. However, mainstream media's demonization of the movement has been so intense that another poll revealed that over 40% of respondents believe that Black Lives Matter is “trying to incite violence or destroy property.”

Support for Black Lives Matter is at 55% overall, which many say is shockingly high for an often divided nation, and one with such a history of opposition to the empowerment of African-Americans.

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