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In Syria, White Helmets to be supplanted by trafficking cartel’s members

Members of the so-called Violet Organization are seen outside a mosque in Syria's northwestern city of Idlib on April 25, 2020. (Photo by AFP)

A journalist closely probing the criminal activities of so-called civil defense forces, known as the White Helmets that has been deployed to Syria by the West, says the group is to be ousted for members of a still Western-backed international cartel that makes money from human and organ trafficking.

“The White Helmets will be sidelined because they have effectively been largely disgraced,” Australian investigative journalist Vanessa Beely told Press TV from the Syrian capital Damascus on Wednesday, saying “public consensus” had also come to verify this now.

The group has been implicated by Syria and its ally Russia in numerous violations, including working with Takfiri militants in the Arab country and staging false-flag gas attacks that can be blamed on Damascus as an excuse for Western allies to attack Syria. The Fund for Research of Problems of Democracy, a Russian NGO, has even found out that the White Helmets resorted to killing women and children to try and accuse Damascus of bloodshed.

In July 2008, the Israeli military said it had evacuated some 800 of the group’s members to the occupied territories at the request of the United States and “additional European countries.” The evacuation, after which the White Helmets were sent over to various European countries as well as Canada, came as Syria and Russia had suspected the group’s activities and were beginning to close in on it.

‘Violet organization’

Beely said the outfit that was supposed to supplant the White Helmets now was known as the Violet Organization, aka Violet Syria.

“The Violets are working alongside the White Helmets, and they’re also working in areas exclusively governed by al-Qaeda-dominated armed groups,” she said.

“Violet is part of the cartel that is profiteering from human trafficking, from organ trafficking,” she added.

To flesh out her remarks, Beely said the Violet Organization was receiving its backing from many international bodies that have been implicated in the past in refugee abuse.

“What I’m seeing is the backing of this group from organizations that have, let’s say, a history of refugee abuse and sexual exploitation, and that includes organizations like Oxfam, like Mercicur, even UNICEF, Save the Children,” she said.

“All of these organizations, the international rescue committee, have a history of being implicated or involved in the abuse and violation of their power, when taking care of displaced people from countries at war,” Beely noted.

The journalist, meanwhile, took a jab at the very countries, who serve as the high-profile international aid and rescue network’s financial supporters. It were those countries, who actually ignited the foreign-backed violence that has been ravaging Syria since 2011, she said, referring to the United States and many of its Western and regional allies.

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