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Growing trend of crime in UK raises concerns

Amina Taylor

Press TV, London

Britain is in the grip of cuts, rising social exclusion and austerity that’s led to some of the most worrying crime figures in recent memory.

Poverty is seen as a key factor shaping children and teens, pushing them in the arms of crime. Often living in so-called disadvantaged areas, they suffer the results of cuts to their schools and youth services.

Despite the increasing violence, police forces have been experiencing the greatest cuts, with a reduction of 18% in the total workforce between March 2010 and 2018.

The government has promised action to tackle those issues, with PM Boris Johnson's pledge to hire 20 000 additional police officers.

Whilst maintaining law and order clearly must be any govt’s priority, playing politics with officer numbers and crime fighting resources fails to address the complexities of keeping everyone safe in a country like Britain. Recent attempts by the government to combat crime in particular, have been ridiculed.

Young offenders are being seen as criminals, yet often they have been groomed into criminal activities from the early age of 7-10 years old, later often exploited sexually and threatened.

The fight to combat crime in all its guises can’t simply be about figures and political expediency but until those in authority make the changes, there will be more bad news and negative headlines.

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