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Marzieh Hashemi slams US injustice in first video after release

Marzieh Hashemi talks to Press TV in her first video message after release from US detention.

Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi has condemned her detention in the United States, warning anyone can be subject to such illegal behavior of the US government.

“I condemn the situation in the United States that individuals can be detained, arrested without charge,” she said in her exclusive video message to Press TV on Thursday.

Hashemi expressed gratitude to those who supported her around the world and called on them to keep protesting against the unfair justice system in the US in order to prevent such “illegal” practices.

“My request is that these demonstrations continue, that we definitely have them, because it is not about Marzieh Hashemi… it is not about me,” she asserted. “It is important to know this can happen to any person at any time in the United States.”

Hashemi said it was important to raise awareness about the kind of treatment that African Americans, Muslims and people from other minority groups in the US were receiving at the hands of police and other security agencies.

“It’s a call for all of you to turn out for demonstrations in your cities—wherever you are—to condemn these… illegal detentions and imprisonment of innocent people,” she concluded.

The American-born journalist was jailed in Washington, DC, as a material witness on January 13 and had to endure tough conditions in custody.

She was freed without charge on Wednesday, after 10 days of imprisonment by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Shortly after her release, Hashemi’s family said in a statement that she would remain in DC to partake in a protest event due to be held in her support on Friday.

Hashemi's imprisonment drew global condemnation.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif among others described the move as a clear affront to freedom of expression and a political abuse of an innocent individual.

While in detention, the 59-year-old Muslim convert’s imprisoners forcefully removed her hijab and only offered her non-halal food.

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