Here is a brief look at Press TV Newsroom's headlines from 0900 GMT to 1700 GMT, December 30, 2018.


Iran commemoration

Iran has commemorated the anniversary of mass rallies held nine years ago in support of the Islamic establishment. Tens of thousands people from all walks of life have taken part in nationwide demonstrations to mark the epic day that put an end to months of unrest following the 2009 presidential election. Addressing a gathering in Tehran, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said Iran’s enemies sought to destabilize the country by stoking the post-election unrest. Brigadier General Hossein Salami said the Iranian nation shattered the enemies’ dream of bringing the country under their control. Violent street protests had gripped several Iranian cities for months after two defeated candidates claimed that the 2009 vote was widely fraudulent. But a million-man march in Tehran and rallies in others cites ended the foreign-orchestrated riots.

Migrant child death

Criticism is growing in the United States over the deaths of two Guatemalan migrant children who died in US custody after crossing the border illegally with their relatives. The two separate incidents have triggered blame games and reactions from all sides.

Inter-Korean relations

North Korea’s leader says he hopes to hold further bilateral summits with his South Korean counterpart in the coming year. In a letter on the occasion of the New Year, Kim Jong-un said he intended to meet Moon Jae-in frequently in 2019. Kim insisted that the two sides should pursue peace and resolve the issue of denuclearization together. According to Kim’s office, the North Korean leader also expressed strong determination to visit Seoul. Kim and Moon met three times in 2018 in an effort to ease tensions on the Peninsula. The two sides have simultaneously sought to pursue joint projects in multiple areas. Pyongyang, however, accuses the US of seeking to hamper the progress in peace efforts.

Italy 2019 budget

After months of tension with the EU and disagreement with the opposition the Italian government has finally secured parliamentary approval of its 2019 national budget. Italy's Chamber of Deputies has passed the 5SM-League budget law bill following the Senate's approval last Sunday avoiding this way a costly European Union infringement procedure for Rome.

Hudaydah attack

The Saudi-led coalition has carried out fresh deadly attacks on the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah, violating the UN-brokered ceasefire there. Saudi-backed mercenaries launched an artillery attack on a residential area, killing at least four civilians. Representatives of Ansarullah and the former Yemeni government signed a deal earlier this month, agreeing on a ceasefire and the withdrawal of armed forces from the port city of Hudaydah. Ansarullah forces started withdrawing from the city on Saturday in a move that has been welcomed by the UN. However, the Saudi coalition has been violating the truce deal since it was brokered. The Saudi war on Yemen, which started in 2015, has so far killed over 15,000 people. Most of the victims are civilians.

Bangladesh elections

Bangladesh’s opposition has rejected the outcome of parliamentary elections, as results suggest that the ruling party is heading for a landslide victory. Opposition leader Kamal Hossain described the outcome as a farce and a cruel mockery of the nation. He said the voting was rigged and called for a new election. Early results show that the ruling party has almost secured 114 seats, while the opposition is heading to win only two seats. There are 300 parliamentary constituencies in Bangladesh. Based on the early results, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to win a third term in office. More than 40 candidates of the opposition alliance pulled out during polling, alleging fraud. Bangladesh Election Commission says it is investigating the allegations. At least 17 people were also killed in election-related clashes on Sunday.

DR Congo election

Vote counting has begun in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s presidential election. Over 46 Million people were eligible to cast their ballots. The winning candidate will succeed President Joseph Kabila, who is stepping down after 18 years in power. The election’s credibility has already been strained by repeated delays and accusations that the electronic voting machines will produce rigged results.

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