Trump’s lousy high-school diplomacy will isolate US: Ron Paul

US President Donald Trump (R) looks at Russian President Vladimir Putin as they take place for a family photo, during the G20 Leaders' Summit in Buenos Aires, on November 30, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

US President Donald Trump is practicing a “lousy high-school diplomacy” which will backfire and isolate the United States on the global stage, according to former Congressman and political analyst Ron Paul.

On Thursday, Trump abruptly canceled the much-anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing Russia’s maritime clash with Ukraine. Trump made the announcement about an hour after he told reporters the meeting would “probably” go ahead as planned.

At the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this weekend, Trump greeted Putin but did not shake hands with him, saying they will have a proper meeting “at the appropriate time.”

Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul

 “That sounds like high school stuff. 'I'm not going to talk to you anymore',” Paul told Russian broadcaster RT in an interview.

“I think diplomacy is lousy ... the way he talks and the aggressiveness, 'I'll do this, or I'll give you this, or I'll put sanctions on you,’” he added.

Dr. Paul said that Trump might be trying to avoid an “uncomfortable position” at a time when US lawmakers were trying to pressure him to act against Russia.

“Political pressure says that he has to go along with NATO and the Europeans and the sentiment here in this country,” Paul said. “There is a strong sentiment anytime that they can find something that they can construe as being negative towards Russia, they do.”

Overall, Paul believes Trump’s style of diplomacy could leave the United States isolated, and he slammed the American leader’s threat of imposing slap China with an additional $267 billion-worth of tariffs.

“You can't correct economic problems by tariffs,” Paul stated. “And we throw our weight around and I think that would backfire on us and we could become the nation that got isolated because we haven't won friends over the years. And we tend to aggravate people.”

The United States and China have imposed tit-for-tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of each other’s goods over the past few months.

Washington has imposed tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods and China has responded with retaliatory duties on $110 billion worth of US goods.

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