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US, Israel, Saudi, UAE plotting against Iran: Analyst

Mark Dankof, political analyst

The upcoming trip of the US government's highest official on Iran matters to Israel and the United Arab Emirates shows Washington and its regional allies are plotting against Tehran, an American analyst says

The US State Department said Friday that the US State Department’s Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook was going to meet with Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi officials between November 12 and 20 to discuss cooperation on countering what it called “Iranian threats.”

It also said that the “US is committed" to working with its "allies and partners to fully implement" what it referred to as Washington's "maximum pressure campaign” against Iran.

Speaking to Press TV on Sunday, former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof said the trip showed how a shared desire to curb Iran’s influence had prompted Washington and its regional allies together to form a “nefarious” alliance.

“[President Donald] Trump campaigned on an America-first foreign policy and yet it’s the same old Zionist game plan and the same old Zionist playbook he is resorting to,” Dankof said.

Noting that Hook has been involved with Washington companies that are linked to “usual suspects” who promote globalist policies, the analyst said the trip was basically an attempt to put more pressure on Iran under a plot that also involves Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“Together with the United Arab Emirates' aid, these elements are pursuing the policy of terrorism in the Middle East” with support from the UK, Dankof argued.

“These are the same people are together planning to destroy Iran economically if they can, through regime change if they can and an overt military intervention if the first two strategies fail,” he further noted.

Saudi Arabia has “a desire to have complete hegemony in the Middle East on their part” while Israel seeks to “destroy Iran as a competing regional power,” he added.

To achieve their objective, Riyadh and Tel Aviv have joined forces to overthrow the Syrian government while working to weaken Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, Dankof further argued.

“This is not an America First foreign policy; people who voted for Trump certainly have come to realize that they didn’t vote for this and I think the outcome of this is going to be a wider war in the Middle East,” he concluded.

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