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Trump won't face major setbacks despite losing House: Analyst

E. Michael Jones, political analyst

US President Donald Trump is not likely to face major setbacks in the second half of his presidency despite losing the House of Representatives to Democrats in the midterm congressional elections, says an American analyst.

Initial results of the frenzied midterm elections on Tuesday projected Democrats as the next majority party in the House, with NBC News reporting a 230-205 makeup. 

By winning the House, Democrats will have the opportunity to frustrate Trump’s legislative plans and ramp up their “obstructionist” approach, as the president would like to call it.

Early results also confirmed that the Senate will stay Republican, thanks to a strong campaign push by Trump.

Speaking to Press TV on Wednesday, Eugene Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine, said Democrats could do little to impeach Trump given that Republicans maintained control of the Senate.

The analyst predicted that while Trump had little chance to push forward his legislative agenda through the House, his administration did not revolve around passing laws.

"He cannot be impeached now because the Senate is controlled by the Republicans," Jones said. "So that ends that threat."

"The other threat is that will his legislations pass? No, probably not," he added. "But then again his administration is not based on getting legislation passed."

US foreign policy was not going to take a major hit either because it has mostly been determined by Trump's commands and rhetoric, according to Jones.

"Democratic control of the House will have nothing to do with this. Trump will be able to go on and continue to work his foreign policy with impunity," he said.

Jones argued  that the continuation of the status quo meant Trump was going to focus on foreign policy issues because his domestic policy was going to be blocked by Democrats.

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