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Saudis killed children to force Yemenis to submit: Analyst

A Yemeni man weeps over a casket at a mass funeral for the children killed in an air strike by the Saudi-led coalition last week. (Photo by AFP)

The recent Saudi attack on a school bus full of children was an act of terror meant to force the Yemenis into submission, according to a military expert.

"The missile used in the air strike was built in the United States and sold by Americans to the Saudis who used it in an attack against Yemeni children," Scott Bennett, a former US army psychological warfare officer, told Press TV in an interview on Saturday.

"This makes the US an accomplice in a war crime," the US military expert said.

Bennett condemned the terror attack as "savage and  "inhumane behavior."

He said that Saudi Arabia killed the children to force the Yemeni people into submission.

Bennett said such an incident should never be repeated and it should be opposed in the US Congress and by the Trump administration itself.

"Bombing a bus full of children … there is no punishment strong enough for such an action. It is the murdering of the most innocent people among us."

Bennett said that all parties guilty in the incident must be fairly prosecuted. 

"It is upon world nations to submit the incident to be investigated as a war crime."

Bennett insisted that this incident "is something we cannot let be covered up and buried. We really need to exploit it to the furthest it can be, not only for the settlement of this war and the ending of it, but also for the poor souls of the children."

"This terrorist act is so huge and revealing that it has the impact to overthrow the Saudi regime," he said. 

Bennett pointed out that, “The entire political regime of Saudi Arabia is a house of cards waiting to fall.”

"The backwash of the school bus incident will bring down the Saudi regime."

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