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Trump's Nazi-like policies awakening Americans on the horrors of immigration: Analyst

Myles Hoenig

US President Donald Trump's Nazi-like policies are awakening Americans on the horrors of immigration, says Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.

Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday on Trump's controversial immigration policy which is separating families and causing psychological damage and irreversible harm to children.

The US government said on Monday that the number of migrants dying from extreme heat on the US-Mexico border rose 55 percent in the past nine months following an increase in the number of unaccompanied children and families trying to enter the US.

“There’s a raging debate inside the United States on how migrants seeking asylum ought to be treated once here. That shows a sense of humanity that people show concern. On the other hand, it also shows the barbaric treatment of people who seek refuge by the receiving government and is supported by so many,” Hoenig said.

“This latest round of America First, Zero Tolerance policy of rejecting all newcomers is just that. The latest round. The separation of families in America is as old as America. From Africans enslaved here to the genocide of our First Nations to the internment of Japanese Americans, the US has a long standing history of separating parents from their children and other family members from each other,” he stated.

“Very limited in their scope of understanding, most Americans are seeing the problem at the border, taking sides on what is right for America and what is right for human beings. Rarely do Americans look beyond the border, as we are seeing an uptick in deaths of migrants before they cross the Rio Grande or the US/Mexico border. It doesn’t matter, or is even known or understood, why so many are migrating to the US,” he said.

“To many, it’s to take jobs away from Americans, as if competition from people who do not speak English, come with just a shirt on their backs, emotionally and financially traumatized is a threat to someone’s occupation. Are these frightened Americans so unemployable that these migrants are a threat?” the analyst said.

“Rarely does a US citizen question the true causes of this migration. NAFTA, Free Trade Agreements, collusion between US corporations and corrupt government officials south of the border have destroyed the local economies from where these migrants come. That so many die along the way, or have to take La Bestia, also known as the Train of Death (el tren de la muerte) to arrive in the US is of little concern or knowledge to most north of the border,” he noted.

“The deaths in the desert are just a drop in the bucket when one looks at the overall picture of mass migration. With the Nazi-like brutality of the Trump administration’s policies towards immigrants, at least now more and more Americans are seeing things with eyes a little bit more opened,” the activist concluded.

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