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US military budget obscene waste of money, sign of war: Analyst

The US Senate’s recent massive military spending bill is an obscene waste of money “for a war machine” that fights wars that do not exist and is an indication of the degradation of the American policy, says a political analyst in California.

“This is an obscene waste of money, it’s a waste of resources, its establishing and building up a war machine for wars that do not exis,” Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, told Press TV on Wednesday.

“It is a very sad indication of a dying culture, a dying people, a degenerate mind that is becoming increasingly ached with dementia," he added. “It’s meant to achieve something entirely different than what a military is supposed to achieve.”

Bennett said the military budget is bizarre because of so much waste in the budget and the fact that the budget is for the construction of an armed force that “looks for wars” not to defend the country from wars imposed on the country.

Coupled with the fact that Washington announced its withdrawal from the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Bennett said the passage of the military budget is an indication that the Trump administration is preparing for a new war.   

US Senate approves $716bn military budget

The US Senate on Monday almost unanimously approved a massive $716 billion military spending bill for the upcoming financial year, supporting President Donald Trump’s calls for expanding the country’s war machine.

The annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill came up for vote on Monday and was passed in a 85-10 vote amid strong bipartisan support.

The Senate version of the 2019 NDAA sets aside $639 billion for base costs such as purchasing new weapons, warships and military aircraft as well as paying the troops, while allocating an additional $69 billion to fund ongoing war that the US military is involved in.

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