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Trump chose Bolton as his presidency is sinking: Analyst

John Bolton appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2005 at the hearing on his unsuccessful nomination as US ambassador to the United Nations. (Photo by AP)

As US President Donald Trump’s administration falls into chaos and Trump grapples with sexual and political scandals, the selection of “superhawks” Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and John Bolton as national security adviser marks Trump’s last stand to save his presidentcy, an American political analyst says.

“The impending trade war with China coupled with Trump’s lose of control of Congress, the never-ending Russiagate imbroglio and the sex scandals swirling about him all point to a presidency that is quickly imploding,” said Dennis Etler, a former professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California.

Trump has resorted to recruiting “true believers” to stand by his side at these times of crises, Etler told Press TV Friday. “Trump has now assembled a team of sycophants who will do his bidding and appease his most ignorant predilections.”

“Although Trump has lambasted the war in Iraq as a colossal mistake that wasted trillions of dollars on the fools errand of regime change and democratization… he is now free to indulge in his imperial fantasies,” he added.

Bolton is reportedly planning a massive dismissal of staff at the National Security Council, aiming to remove dozens of White House officials.

Sources aware of the changes told the Foreign Policy magazine that Bolton is preparing to “clean house” and remove nearly all of the political appointees brought in by his predecessor, H.R. McMaster.

Trump announced McMaster's replacement on Thursday, making Bolton his third national security adviser since coming to office and continuing a shake-up that creates one of the most hawkish national security teams of any White House in recent history.

Bolton’s views have widely been described as neoconservative and hawkish, and similar Trump.

Bolton, an outspoken advocate of military action who served in the administration of former US president George W. Bush, has called for action against Iran and North Korea.

“Tthe selection of Bolton is bolstering Trump’s inclination to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, to scuttle the one-China policy regarding Taiwan, to challenge Russia in Syria, to support Saudi Arabia in Yemen and Israel on the West Bank and in Jerusalem [al-Quds],” Etler said.

“All these positions will inevitably backfire leaving Trump to retreat with his tail between his legs as a paper tiger, or engage in a style of brinkmanship that could easily spin out of control. Bullies like Trump and Bolton seldom have the guts to follow through on their threats if they are confronted with strong and stalwart opposition. History shows that appeasement is the surest route to catastrophe,” he added.

“If Trump reneges on the JCPOA with Iran, escalates tensions with China, confronts Russia in Syria and elsewhere, supports Israel and Saudi Arabia in their genocidal campaigns against Palestine and Yemen he will quickly find that he has bit off more that he can chew and more than he can handle."

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