Gap getting deeper between Trump’s America, Europe

US President Donald Trump

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Gap getting deeper between Trump’s America and Europe

The gap between the US and its European allies is going deeper by the day with the blame being put on Donald Trump. The chasm once again came to light at the recent security conference in Munich, where high-ranking officials from many countries were attending to discuss the problems currently faced by the world. At the meeting, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hit out at Trump in his speech. Gabriel made snide remarks against Trump’s habit of taking to the Twitter which is the US president’s tool of choice to make his point on different issues. The top German diplomat said: "how do we measure America, by its deeds, or its tweets?" He further accused the US of seeking to divide the EU. Trump’s America First policy has been condemned by Washington’s allies as protectionism and nativism.

Iran-India ties in new phase after Rouhani’s visit

Iran and India signed nine agreements after bilateral talks between the Indian prime minister and the Iranian president in New Delhi last week. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized in a Tweet message after the meeting that he had “detailed discussions” with Rouhani. Many believe that Rouhani’s visit marked a new chapter in relations between Iran and India. Geographical proximity of Iran, its strategic location and hydrocarbon resources make the country extremely significant for India. Moreover, the historic and cultural relations between the two countries can help secure satiability in the region. 

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