Israel demolishes EU schools in Palestine

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Israel demolishes EU schools in Palestine

The United Nations has warned that Palestinians and Beduin living in Area C of the West Bank are at the risk of being forced out by Israel. This came after the Israeli military demolished two elementary school classrooms in the same area over the past few days on grounds that they had been constructed illegally. The UN says such practices had already created a coercive environment that violates the basic rights of residents – including the right to education. It has accordingly called on Tel Aviv to stop any activity that would generate a risk of forcible transfer for the Palestinians. And this has once again brought into the spotlight the hostile nature of the Israelis toward the Palestinians.  

US wants nuclear weapons as leverage against Russia

The US which possesses thousands of nuclear weapons has been the only country to have used them against another nation. During former president Barack Obama’s term in office, the US and Russia agreed to reduce their nuclear weapons stockpiles. But Donald Trump’s taking charge of the White House in January 20-17, saw an intensification of political tensions between the Cold War rivals. Recently the Trump administration unveiled its nuclear strategy which would end the Obama-era push to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in US military policy. It also proposes upgrading and expanding the US’ nuclear arsenal. The Pentagon chief has defended the new strategy, saying it aims to provide new negotiating leverage to American diplomats against Russia. In reaction, The Kremlin slammed the proposal, calling it QUOTE bellicose and anti-Russian. In a statement Russia’s foreign ministry pledged to adopt necessary measures to ensure its security. 

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