US bent on partitioning Syria

Flags of US and Syria.

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US bent on partitioning Syria

Russia has strongly criticized the US over its role in Syria. Moscow says the US is plotting to partition Syria. Russia's ambassador to the UN says this the US-led coalition is doing through setting up local governing bodies in areas seized from Daesh Takfiri terrorists. Vasily Nebenzya said: "We are receiving news that the coalition is directly involved in the creation of some local authorities in the areas freed from Daesh, with which they are discussing economic reconstruction measures. What the coalition is doing amounts to concrete steps to partition Syria". But the US is facing an uphill task if it is bent on partitioning Syria given the strong presence of Russia in the war-torn country. meanwhile international law in on the side of Syria which has repeatedly reaffirmed it will not relinquish an inch of its territory.

Trump's anti-Islam tweets

US politics has been replete with controversies since Donald Trump took office as president. Some of the most high profile cases revolved around Trump’s racial and religious slurs. And he has always proved defiant in face of criticism from friends and foes. Trump has defended every one of his outrageous remarks and stances. Another case emerged on Wednesday when the US president retweeted provocative videos with offensive Islamophobic content. They had been posted by Jayda Fransen, the notorious deputy leader of far right, anti-Muslim group Britain First a long time ago. Fransen was convicted of abusing a Muslim mother of 4 last year. The unverified videos had been designed to provoke anti-Muslim sentiment. It was one of the most offensive and explosive messages Trump had ever shared.

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