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US doesn’t have plan B for North Korea if war threats don’t work: Analyst

USS Nimitz

The administration of US President Donald Trump does not have a plan B for North Korea if war threats do not work, says James Jatras, a former American Senate foreign policy adviser.

American and South Korean warships launched war games off the coast of the Korean Peninsula on Saturday in an unusually strong display of force aimed at North Korea.

The November 11-14 joint drills in the western Pacific involve three US aircraft carriers -- USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt -- and seven South Korean warships including three destroyers, according to the South Korean defense ministry.

North Korea said on Monday the deployment of the nuclear-capable US aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsula has increased the risk of a nuclear war.

North Korea's UN Ambassador Ja Song-nam said in a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres that the US aircraft carrier groups have taken up “a strike posture" which has created "the worst ever situation" around the peninsula.

Jatras told Press TV on Monday the position the United States is taking towards North Korea and its nuclear, missile program, “and sanctions and show of military force will somehow push the North Koreans either reining in their programs or to force China to do something to North Korea either by breaking down its economy or by staging a coup in North Korea or even occupying the country.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any plan B on the part of the Trump administration or rather the military men that are advising Mr. Trump. There is nothing they are willing to offer to the North Koreans on the table that frankly they would be willing to trust, that they look at the fate of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein and think ‘if we don’t have our nuclear weapons, we know what's waiting for us,’” he added.

 “I don’t know how we get out of this mess. It seems to me that simply threatening the North with shows of military force is not going to do anybody any good except reach us to the edge of the brink of an abyss with a hair-trigger that could play out very unpleasantly for everyone,” the analyst concluded.

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