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McCain, part of US oligarchy that thrives on war: Commentator

This file photo taken on February 9, 2016 shows US Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, during a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Photo by AFP)

Hawkish US Republican Senator John McCain has once again accused Moscow of waging a war against the United States. He says Russia’s alleged cyberattacks against US political organizations to influence the 2016 presidential election amount to an “act of war.”

A political commentator says McCain is part of the oligarchy that thrives on war, destruction and reconstruction. 

“They are in the pockets of the militarists, of the Zionists. They do not see their role as politicians to build America. They want to destroy Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Somalia and Iraq,” Randy Short told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.

He also dismissed McCain’s claim that Moscow is waging a war on Washington, adding that Russia is an integral part of a global peace that the United States has been trying to upset with its last two “bellicose” administrations.

The commentator also argued McCain seeks to start a new Cold War in an attempt to “get his mojo back” because he was a “failure” in the previous one.

Short further praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for not responding in kind to constant provocations by US President Barack Obama.

He also highlighted Russia’s achievements in Syria, asserting that if US Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was elected president, there could have been a World War III.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the commentator said efforts to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president failed because his message resonated with American voters.

“Trump is going to do just fine because the masses of American people want peace. They want the infrastructure built, they want jobs and they are tired of war and when Trump comes in, there is going to be a change in one of the greatest weapons of the militarists which is the US media which is completely infiltrated by the CIA and Zionists that love these wars,” he said. 

Short further noted that people like McCain are “war criminals” and they are enemies to US democracy, human rights and peace.

He also predicted that once Trump takes office, a lot of these people “are going to find themselves investigated” which will be great for world peace and rebuilding a new America.

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