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US, UK, Saudi, Israel, ‘axis of evil’ seeking to ruin Mideast: Scholar

The real axis of evil are the US, the UK,Saudi Arabia and Israel,who are plotting to destroy their opponents in the Middle East, says Rodney Shakespeare.

Britain, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel form an “axis of evil” that seeks to destroy Middle Eastern countries like Syria, says a British scholar, citing expansion of Israel and promotion of Saudi Wahhabism as the alliance’s main objectives.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, a university professor in London, made the remarks while discussing Britain's policy on Syria.

The former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, said Friday that London’s approach to the years-long conflict in the Arab country "wrong every step of the way” and has led to thousands of civilian casualties, which could have been foreseen.

Ford criticized the UK Foreign Office for lying that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's demise was imminent at the beginning of the conflict and for predicting he would lose power quickly.

This is while in reality, Assad remained in power and achieved major victories against the terror groups that enjoyed support from Western powers.

Shakespeare doubled down on the former envoy’s views, saying the UK must acknowledge its complicity to the crimes that are taking place in Syria.

“We are directly responsible for tens of thousands of dead people, wounded people and millions of displaced people,” the academic said.

“The underline reason is that we are in the UK hand in glove with the axis of evil, which is Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA,” he added.

Israel is siding with the foreign-backed terrorists fighting the Syrian government because it wants to see Syria and other Middle Eastern countries in ruin to advance its expansionist agenda, Shakespeare argued.

“So we are hand in glove with Israel, we are supporting it, and that means basically we have to smash any Middle East state which might oppose [Israel],” the analyst explained.

Describing Saudi Arabia as a “gruesome authoritarian state,” Shakespeare said the Riyadh regime “is engaged in suppressing all forms of democracy.”

“And then there is the USA, which has never in its life been in favor of democracy,” the analyst further noted. “It is a democracy for a plutocracy within the country and in its foreign policy it always ends up on the sides of the gruesome torturers.”

The scholar said the US and the UK were both supporting the Wahhabist ideology coming out of Saudi Arabia, which has given birth to the Takfiri terrorism wreaking havoc in parts of Iraq and Syria today.

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