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Assad has won Syria war essentially: Analyst

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Western powers are "becoming much weaker" in his conflict-ridden country as government forces, backed by fighters from allied popular defense groups, are gaining more ground in battles against foreign-backed terrorists.

A former US army psychological warfare officer believes President Bashar al-Assad has won the Syrian war essentially, adding that the ongoing battles against the Daesh Takfiri terrorists are just “cleanup operations.”   

“The people [in the West] have been deceived with these politicians telling them blatant lies about Bashar al-Assad and about his military operations against the terrorist Takfiris and they are now beginning to discover that and see that and the political leaders are recognizing they have no moral authority so they do not have the ability to do to Syria what they did to Iraq or to Libya,” Scott Bennett told Press TV.  

He also praised President Assad’s “genteel, sophisticated” use of language and his entire appearance, which is contradictory to the wild, savage Takfiri terrorists.

The analyst also argued that President Assad can win even more by championing the country's entire Christian community, adding that by doing so the West would be quickened to exit this “foolish crusade” to try and remove him from power.  

“So in a communication approach, he [Assad] needs to continue to champion that he defends Christians, he loves Christians, he believes in Muslims and Christians living together, not in violence and in a totalitarian state like ISIS (Daesh)," he said.

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