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Syrian asylum seeker violently beaten up on Swedish bus

In this file photo, a passenger boards a bus in Växjö, Sweden. (© AFP)

A shocking video has caught the moment when a Swedish bus driver launches a violent attack on a Syrian asylum seeker, leaving him bloodied and in need of medical care. 

The man in the footage identified only as Mustafa experienced the vicious attack and degrading treatment after he boarded the bus to the southwestern Swedish city of Borgholm on Tuesday.  

The driver had reportedly refused to let him on board but Mustafa managed to get through anyway which prompted the assault by the burly man. 

Mustafa has been quoted as saying that he had just made his way into the seat when the driver bounded on him. 

In the video, the man is seen landing a volley of punches and kicks on Mustafa's head and demanding to take a picture of the helpless Syrian as he tries to cover his face from the assault. 

At one point, the attacker is heard yelling, “I hate you damn pigs” in Swedish as he chokes the Syrian. 

The assault, caught on camera by one of the passengers, reportedly left Mustafa bleeding from the mouth and in urgent need of medical treatment.

At the end, the refugee is heard sobbing after other passengers refuse to stop the attacker or give the Syrian any solace.    

“I felt like I wasn’t in Sweden but in Syria, and caught by terrorists who want to kill me. I can’t fully express what I felt,” Mustafa said.

The asylum seeker said he feels afraid following the assault.

Far-right groups have pounced on a number of terrorist attacks in Europe in recent months to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments in the continent. 

Refugees entering Europe are often the very same civilians who face indiscriminate violence and cruel injustice in lands controlled by Daesh and other Takfiri groups which have claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany. 

Many critics blame the current situation on the policies of European governments which initially supported militants when a campaign to topple the Syrian government started. 

At the time when an influx of potential terrorists began into Syria from around the world, including Europe, governments turned a deaf ear to warnings that hardened militants would return home someday and wreak havoc. 

According to the International Organization of Migration (IOM), at least 194, 611 asylum seekers have reached Europe via the Mediterranean Sea so far this year, while 1,475 people died in their perilous journey to the continent.

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