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Brexit led to classic rise of fascism in UK: Commentator

A man removes a British flag during a European Summit at the EU headquarters in Brussels on June 28, 2016. (AFP photo)

The Brexit has led to a classic rise of fascism in the UK which is going to increase instability in the country, a London-based commentator says. 

The Brexit “is emboldening, uniting, concentrating together, and mobilizing the far right,” Sukant Chandan, a filmmaker and political commentator, told Press TV on Tuesday night. 

“The entire Brexit camp is dominated, controlled, stuffed full of every single fascist organization, openly neo-Nazi, openly fascist organization, openly far right organization, the loyalists organization, the unionists, the entire right to the far right is the Brexit project, it is nothing else,” he stated.

Chandan went on to say what is developing out of the Brexit fascism is a “national pogrom" taking place in the UK.

“East Europeans, South European, Africans, Asians, Muslims are all being targeted physically, verbally. It is increasing, it is going out of control,” he added.

This is an “absolute emergency situation,” Chandan said, calling for a united front against fascism and the far-right and immigrant bashing.

Andre Walker, a political commentator in London, said the idea that Brexit is about blacks or Asians or Muslims is “nonsense.”

He said the principle immigration concern was about a large number of people from Eastern Europe coming to the UK.

He said "it is a very sad situation that there has been some increase in racist behavior in the UK which should be stamped out."   

The truth of the matter is there is “an undemocratic superstate” being developed in Europe and the British are not happy about it, he added.

“The people in Britain feel that there is a disconnect between them and the government that runs them in Brussels as a result of things like the financial crisis and I think that is the case and I think that is the problem,” he says.

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