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S Arabia does not want peace in Yemen: Activist

An armed man walks on the rubble of houses destroyed by a Saudi airstrike near Sana'a. (File photo)

Press TV has interviewed Hussain al-Bukhaiti, an activist and political commentator in Sana’a, to discuss the ongoing Saudi military aggression against Yemen.  

A rough transcription of the interview appears below.


Press TV: It is very hard to imagine how you have two parties that want to negotiate and then you have one party that is bombing the country, namely Yemen. How is it then that you have representatives from the Ansarullah negotiating with that party, namely the Saudi-backed representatives?

Bukhaiti: I think it is about time that Ansarullah delegates in Kuwait might come soon back to Yemen because you have seen that the Saudis have not stopped their air campaign in Yemen and we know that these talks in Kuwait are just a cover-up by the UN for Saudi new military operation in Yemen especially land operation and we remember as well that the invasion in Aden last year happened during a UN ceasefire, a UN truce.

So the same story is happening again in Yemen and just as you mentioned today the attacks and the strikes in Ta'izz, this has happened many, many times across Yemen and one of the worst strikes that the UN has documented was in Mustaba in Hajjah a month ago that killed 124 children and that is one of the big reasons why the Saudi was put into the blacklist for violating children rights but soon after it was removed by the UN for pressure it has on it.

So I think the talks in Kuwait are going nowhere because we have seen that after two months of talks, strikes still continue, attacks still continue, there is no lift of the blockade, people in Yemen are still suffering, no fuel, no food, no medicine in many areas in Yemen and it is still the UN and the UN envoy in his statement at the UN Security Council, he has claimed about the release of prisoners that has happened during the talks in Kuwait and we all know that that release happened by a local effort, a tribal effort in Yemen. It has nothing to do with Kuwait and this shows you the amount of lies that the UN envoy is trying to deceive the international community and the international media.  

Press TV: If the talks fail in Kuwait, then what’s next?

Bukhaiti: I think as Sayyid Abdul-Malik has said last Thursday, he said it literally, that we have given so much concession in favor of the Saudis and he said we did that to show that we really want peace in Yemen, we do not want this to continue to the Yemeni people but he added that the Saudis do not want peace in Yemen.

They want a total surrender for Yemeni people, they want us to give up of all what we have been doing for the last year and he said clearly that this is not going happen and if peace is now going to come to an end, then we are ready to fight and he called as well upon the Yemeni people to join all front line, to join the fight to defend our country and I think that in the coming weeks, maybe after eid, that we will see the fighting will break all laws across the country and I think it will be especially really bad for the Saudis because Ansarullah, the Houthi and the Yemeni army have been preparing for a huge and open war against Saudi and I am sure and I am totally convinced that we are going to see that the Ansarullah, the Houthi and the Yemeni army will seize major cities in Saudi like Najran and other areas because they have been given the Saudis the time to rethink to stop their aggression against Yemen but it seems that the Saudis do not want that and the only thing that will stop the Saudis is to take the war deep inside their country.  

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