US attempt to threaten China, Russia failing: Analyst

This aerial photograph taken from a military aircraft shows alleged ongoing reclamation by China on Mischief Reef in the Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea, west of Palawan, on May 11, 2015. (AFP photo)

Press TV has interviewed Mike Billington, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review in Leesburg, about China flying warplanes near a disputed reef in the South China Sea to warn a US warship off the area.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: This comes on the heels of how China has denied a US aircraft entry into the Hong Kong port which happened about last week or so and this escalation is really getting to extremes. What is your take on this? What are we looking at in terms of where this is going to go?

Billington: Well it is extremely dangerous. Keep in mind that China then allowed a US-Europe specific fleet to dock in Shanghai they are now. So there are multiple approaches being taken by China.

The point is that this Obama mobilization against Russia and China, the most massive military mobilization since World War II, surrounding both nations on their borders with offensive weapons under the guiding US policy of prompt global strike which is a first strike policy, we are dealing here with a Western administration under the British and Obama which is totally bankrupt, facing a general breakdown crisis now, very much underway in Europe and the United States and at the same time a recognition that China is leading the alliance around the BRICS nations, imposing a new world based on development, based on what used to be the proudly called the American system, building infrastructure, building power, inviting nations to join them in space.

So the attempt by Obama to threaten Russia and China is failing. Both Putin and Xi Jinping have responded correctly. They have refused to back down to this overt aggressive threat of war but neither have they allowed themselves to be provoked into some sort of tit for tat in a local area like the South China Sea or like in South Korea with the THAAD missiles or around the Philippines, they are not being provoked into what could be used as justification for an aggressive World War thermonuclear war now in preparation by Obama.

The use of the new term which emerged of these last couple of weeks by Obama’s puppet Ash Carter of accusing China of excessive maritime claims which is of course a new term meant to twist international law to defraud the world to fraudulently claim that they have some sort of rule of law basis on which to mobilize this war threat against Russia.

But as I mentioned Obama is in deep trouble. He has been exposed by Putin’s intervention in Syria as an ally of terrorists, he is shown in Europe to have basically forced the European nations into self-destruction by joining in the fraudulent sanctions against Russia and now Obama is panicked. He is going to Japan and Vietnam this week trying to hold together this anti-China coalition which in fact is falling apart rapidly. In fact China and Malaysia just today came to an agreement on dealing with the South China Sea issues bilaterally not through this attempt to use so-called international means to impose US aggression in the region.

This recent intervention into the Nansha Islands is clearly a breach of international law, their claim that they are protecting freedom of navigation is of course absurd since nearly 95 percent of the trade in the region is with China. It is China who is concerned about freedom of navigation and freedom of navigation does not automatically apply to military shows of force of this sort but again we are dealing with a Chinese nation which is dealing with this properly. They are proposing a new paradigm of the sort that Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche have supported, the New Silk Road, the New Maritime Silk Road which is mobilizing support internationally against the growing fascist policies in Europe and the United States.

Obama is at this point increasingly exposed as having allied with fascism in Ukraine, with terrorism throughout the Middle East, with the Saudi sponsorship of terrorism and the British sponsorship of the Saudi royalty’s control over international terrorism and that this can and must be exploded in these coming weeks by bringing this president to a court of law, have him placed in prison where he belongs, certainly impeached from his office long before waiting for an election which is going to change absolutely nothing. In fact we may have World War III before that election if we do not take action now to deal with this kind of tyranny.

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