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Trump buying his way into electoral campaign: Analyst

“It’s only because of the system that Donald Trump’s candidacy is as popular as it is," Keith Preston says.

US Republican front-runner Donald Trump is buying his way into the electoral campaign and the corrupt political system is the reason why his candidacy is successful, an analyst says.

Keith Preston, chief editor and director of, made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Monday when asked about Trump's recent condemnation of the American political system and Republican nominating process for being “rigged and corrupt.”

“It’s a rigged system. It’s a crooked system. It’s 100 percent crooked,” Trump told reporters at a hotel in the New York City borough of Staten Island on Sunday.

“You’re basically buying these people (delegates),” he added. “That’s a corrupt system.”

According to Preston the billionaire real estate mogul "is correct that the American political system is... rigged and corrupt in a wide range of ways.”

“It takes an extraordinary amount of money in order to be able to run an effective political campaign in the United States,” he said. “What political science research shows is that the candidate with the most money wins 90 percent of the time, so it really is a situation where the elected offices are essentially for sale to the highest bidder."

He went on to say that “the wealthy are starting to essentially buy political candidates nationwide, for example, you’ll see someone running for office in a particular state and their campaign may be actually funded by people who are out of state,” and this “has the effect of shutting out the challenges from lower levels.”

“It’s only because of the system that Donald Trump’s candidacy is as popular as it is or as successful as it is,” he noted.

“Trump has the ability to essentially buy his way into the electoral system, that’s essentially what he’s doing, he’s bought his way into the presidential campaign,” Preston explained. “What this shows is that the American political system is unbelievably corrupt and that we do have an oligarchy in the United States."

Trump’s effort to sow doubt about the system plays into the suspicions and anxieties that many of his strongest supporters have about the US political process, which they believe has intentionally marginalized them.     

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