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British PM fears losing support of Conservatives: Pundit

Protesters demonstrate against British Prime Minister David Cameron outside the Conservative Party’s Spring Forum in central London following revelations in the Panama Papers on April 9, 2016. ©AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Chris Bambery, author and journalist, and Nigel West, an intelligence historian, both from London, about recent Panama Papers revelations on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s financial affairs.

Bambery says the British premier is worried about the possibility that supporters of right-wing politicians could join leftist protesters in the streets of London against him.

It will be the end of Cameron in the Conservative Party if it suffers defeat in the upcoming EU referendum poll, he says.

The author goes on to say that the premier’s inability to deal with the scandal adds to the negative feelings of Britons, who think he is lying.

Britons are of the opinion that the prime minister disrespected moral codes because the offshore accounts in Panama were used without any supervision or appropriate banking license, he adds.

Bambery further says the developments in the past days after Panama Papers leaks prove that not only the British prime minister but also some other “European elite are out of touch with ordinary people” and fail to answer their questions.

West, for his part, believes the Panama Papers issue is an embarrassment for the UK prime minister because he refused to reveal information on such an illegal act at an international level.

Referring to Cameron’s pledge that he will resign if his party faces defeat in the EU referendum, West also says it is “ludicrous for the prime minister to step down when he has done nothing illegal.”

He argues that Cameron “is not being accused of breaking the law, he is not being accused of either avoiding or evading taxes.”

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