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US sacrificing troops in Syria to engage Russia: Analyst

US President Barack Obama (AFP photo)

The US appears to be after a full-blown war with Russia in Syria, as Moscow has exposed Washington's “fraudulent attitudes” in the Middle East, says an American philosopher.

“Because the situation is so appallingly bad for the United States, because Russia has embarrassed and exposed fraudulent attitudes of the United States, [President Barack] Obama feels he has to precipitate World War III, that appears to be what is taking place now,” James Fetzer told Press TV on Saturday.

Fetzer said the United States wants to sacrifice its force in the region "in order to begin and initiate a war on Russia." 

The comments come on the heels of a Washington announcement to send Special Operations Forces troops to Syria to "assist" militants fighting against the government in Damascus and the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group, in an apparent breach of President Barack Obama's promise not to put US “boots on the ground" there. 

“They are sending the troops to be sacrificed for the sake of starting a third world war, because everything is going against the United States,” Fetzer pointed out.

He further noted that some of America's allies have turned to Russia for support under the circumstances. “Even former allies of the United States are now seeking the aid and assistance of Russia.” 

The philosopher added, “The United States has had years now to do something about ISIS (ISIL), but it's only now with the intervention of Russia that ISIS has been taken out very systematically, very methodically and frankly, the Middle East is never going to be the same again.”

The United States has been carrying out airstrikes in Syria, allegedly pounding Daesh positions there for over a year now.

Russia began its own air campaign in the Arab country after warning US to take its warplanes out of the territory. The Pentagon, however, refused to comply with Moscow’s demand.

Regarding the US plan to send up to 50 special operations troops to northern Syria to advise “Kurdish and Arab forces” in their fight against Daesh (ISIL) militants, Fetzer said, "The latest reports, however, of sending more troops to Syria are profoundly disturbing."

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