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Israel never stopped spying on US after Pollard case: Analyst

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard

Press TV has interviewed James Morris, an editor for, in Los Angeles, to discuss the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after years of incarceration in the United States.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How much does the release of Jonathan Pollard show that Washington is somehow trying to smooth relations with Israel after what appears to be a conflict of opinion between the two allies of Iran’s nuclear program?

Morris: Thank you for having me back on Press TV.

What the release of Jonathan Pollard really shows is the influence of the Israel lobby yet again. You have got the US intelligence services – and there are many patriots in America first patriots with the US intelligence services – who have been against the release of Jonathan Pollard.

I was just in touch with a friend, Philip Giraldi; he was a former CIA director for Turkey, and he had mentioned that it is believed that Jonathan Pollard has a photographic memory and that the concern with the US intelligence services is that he has, in his mind possibly, much more that what has been conveyed in the documents that he leaked to Israel and that is the concern.

Yes, his parole is up... in November at the end of the year; but the situation is this: President Obama and Obama administration does not have to release him; and in doing so, if this is the case, and the New York Times has reported that it is, with the other media, the Obama administration is going against the suggestion and advice of the US intelligence services and that is not to release him. He should be in prison for life, if I had any say in it, he probably would have been executed; he was a traitor.

We see comparisons being made now where the only one worse than him is Edward Snowden and that is not correct. Edward Snowden was a patriot. He basically conveyed that the NSA sends raw intelligence of Americans, phone calls, emails and the like, straight to Israel and vet it and he also showed how the NSA was spying on various citizens and there is no comparison with Pollard. He is an absolute traitor.

And keep in mind that another reason President Obama’s administration is having him released is because the Israel lobby right now – you can go to my blog – is really hammering the Obama administration on the Iran deal.

We saw evangelical kooks like Mike Huckabee yesterday drawing Holocaust analogies; that was the extreme side over the Iran deal; and you have got other Israel-first pandering politicians in the American Congress, which are pandering to Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson, and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), they are running commercials non-stop on American television going against the Iran deal.

So, President Obama is trying to show that he is not hostile to Jews. The Israelis have wanted Jonathan Pollard released for a long time now; again going back to what Philip Giraldi had mentioned about Israel’s very interest in what else he might know with that photographic memory. Israel has not cooperated like they have said. They have not sent back documents that they were supposed to have [sent] as well.

Press TV: Of course, Israel promised at that time to end all espionage activities on US soil. How much should that be taken with a grain of salt? In other words, does Israel continue to spy on the US at large?

Morris: Well, of course! That is another reason that some suspect that the US intelligence services that had enough and have taken it out on Pollard… Keep in mind Israeli Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan; he was the handler for Benjamin Netanyahu smuggling nuclear triggers to Israel from America. So we see Netanyahu here in front of an Israeli-occupied Congress – thanks to Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC and the rest of the Israel lobby, the neoconservatives that are the upper echelon of it – that Israel has continued to spy well after the Pollard case.

So like Israel lied with the USS Liberty attack when they said that was an accident – we knew that was deliberate – they have lied about the continued spying, too.

I would also like to add that this whole situation in the Middle East is tied into what I have mentioned before on Press TV, and that is the Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon... Likudnik neocon plan for the Middle East; and we now see with the Obama administration basically setting up no-fly zones in Syria; are we going to see a similar regime change attempt with President Assad, like the neocons had the Obama administration do in Libya?

So it is just the rest of that Israeli Likudnik agenda unfolding and we just see the Israel lobby involved with that... what happened in Syria and like I said, the upper echelon of the Israeli lobby, the neoconservatives, are pushing for a confrontation with Iran as well. It is a very dangerous situation.

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