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‘BBC covering truth on 9/11’

BBC headquarters in Portland Place in London (© AFP)

The BBC is purposely withholding information that is of vital interest to the UK public and ultimately endangering the very public the BBC is contractually obligated “to serve”.

According to the UK Terrorism Act of 2000, section 15, part 3, ‘A person commits an offense if he—(a) provides money or other property, and (b) knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that it will or may be used for the purposes of terrorism.’

In this edition of INfocus, we shall provide proof that the BBC is using UK public funds to suppress evidence of controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) on 9/11.

Specifically the BBC has produced several programmes that attempt to cover up evidence that proves the official version of the collapse of WTC 7 is physically impossible, most notably the evidence that makes clear that WTC 7 collapsed in a symmetrical, free-fall manner largely into its own footprint.

The criminal aspect of this lies in the BBC maintaining a position that WTC 7 did not collapse at free fall speed when in fact even the US Government has been forced to acknowledge that WTC 7 did indeed collapse at free fall speed, which is impossible without all of the support columns of the building giving way simultaneously.

The BBC has refused to correct itself and instead maintains an erroneous position that ultimately endangers the UK public by virtue of the fact that it provides cover for those responsible for bringing down WTC 7 down in a manner completely consistent with controlled demolition.

This position is supported by expert testimony from Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which represents over 2300 architects and engineers around the world.

Our conclusion is that whatever anyone thinks of the events of 9/11, the BBC is covering up critical information that is of vital public interest; this is not only yet another breach of its founding charter, but a violation of UK terrorism law that should result in the criminal prosecution of the BBC.


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