EU citizens banned from UK referendum vote

'EU citizens cannot vote in UK EU referendum.'

The British government has announced that citizens from most EU countries will not be allowed to vote in a planned EU referendum vote.

Prime Minister David Cameron has repeatedly insisted that he is the best person to negotiate a better deal with the European Union. He has said that he will try and reform Britain’s deal with Brussels before he puts it to a vote. But Eurosceptics are adamant that the UK could do far better without the EU, taking back more controls of Britain’s borders and controlling immigration.

Those who get to vote in the referendum are restricted to British, Irish and commonwealth citizens. A Number 10 source said: "No Brit under the age of 58 has had their say on the UK's membership of the European Union…It is time to put this right and to give people the choice - in or out.

"This is a big decision for our country, one that is about the future of the United Kingdom. That's why we think it's important that it is British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens that are the ones who get to decide."

But the Scottish National Party believes that young people aged 16-17 should be allowed to vote. Last year’s Scottish independence referendum saw this age group given the vote for the first time in British history. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has expressed the party’s desire to see this happen again.

"I don't agree with having a referendum on EU membership - but if it is to go ahead, then Cameron has a responsibility to help ensure it can be an enriching and open debate…Young people are our future. It is their UK - and their Europe - so they must have their say."

Many analysts are predicting an intense debate that will divide the country during the run up to the referendum. If the UK votes to leave the EU but Scotland vote to stay within it, expect another Scottish independence referendum.


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