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US military plans ‘can end in WWIII’ in thermonuclear era: Mike Billington

This file photo shows Philippine and US navy warships participate in a joint exercise.

American political commentator Mike Billington says Washington’s military threats against Russia and China and plans to boost forces around the superpowers can result in World War III in the thermonuclear era.

In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Mike Billington from the Executive Intelligence Review called for an end to “this rush for war.”

“If we allow this Obama administration to continue with a threat of full-scale war against Russia over Ukraine, full-scale support for actual terrorist organizations in the Middle East, and support of Saudi Arabia which is the founder and financier of al-Qaeda, and in Asia, the full-scale ring around China; the deployment of mass military forces and of course don’t leave out the submarine forces which carry huge nuclear capacity which are encircling China, then we are on the brink of World War III,” Billington said.

The analyst made the remarks when asked about the Pentagon’s plan to have access to eight military bases in the Philippines for rotating US troops, planes, and ships.

General Gregorio Catapang, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said about eight areas in the Philippines have been identified as possible locations, where US soldiers, aircraft and ships will be rotated through a series of military training programs and exercises.

The United States asked the Philippines to provide access to eight military bases.


Billington said the Philippine government, which is a puppet to Obama, completely ignored the country’s constitution that states clearly there should be no foreign bases on Philippine soil.

He stated that the entire Western financial system “is going to complete disillusion in Europe and the United States.”

“The Wall Street and London bankers don’t like the fact that Russia, China, India and the so-called BRICS nations with the support of virtually every county in South America and Africa and Asia are putting together a new alternative to the bankrupt Western system,” he explained.

“The response in the West is to go to war and it’s hard for people to believe that anybody would be so insane to start a war in the thermonuclear era. But they are looking at the disillusion of their power over the world through the Western banking system and their view is that it would be better to go to war with Russia and China than to allow this BRICS phenomena to set up a sane alternative,” he added.

The Washington-based analyst said the international community should stop “this madness.”

The US and Europe should “join with the BRICS countries in developing the third world, developing Asia, developing our own country, where here in the US our nation is in economic decay, our infrastructure has collapsed and we need the support of these new alliances and new international monitor systems being set up by the BRICS countries,” Billington concluded.


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