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US-Israel genocide

Israeli occupation forces continue their offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah in defiance of global calls and a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice. The regime's forces have reached the center of the city and reportedly seized a strategically important hill overlooking the nearby border with Egypt. Israel has also deployed dozens of tanks to Rafah for a potential full-scale invasion of the city. The Israeli military has already targeted tents and camps sheltering displaced Palestinians twice since Sunday, resulting in the death of scores of people, mostly women and children. More than 36,170 Palestinians have been killed across Gaza since the US-Israeli genocide began in early October. Meanwhile, Israeli media said the regime has lost three more of its soldiers on the ground in Gaza. This is as Palestinian fighters continue to put stiff resistance to invading Israeli troops in the besieged territory. 

Support for Palestine

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says Israel's recent attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah did not cross Washington’s red line, claiming it was not a major operation. During a White House briefing, Kirby referred to an Israeli airstrike targeting refugee tents in Rafah that killed at least 45 Palestinians on Sunday. He claimed the attack did not violate President Joe Biden's warnings on the Rafah invasion. Biden had warned earlier in the month that the US would stop sending arms to Israel if the regime invaded the southern Gaza city. However, the US president made a U-turn, with media reporting new transfer of arms just a week after Israeli forces seized the Rafah border crossing and pushed into the city. The report said Biden is also planning to advance an additional arms package worth one-billion- dollar to the regime. 

Israel Rafah offensive

Solidarity with the people in Gaza is gaining momentum across Europe, with lawmakers in several countries seen waving Palestinian flags during parliamentary sessions. Members of Italy's opposition Five Star Movement waved Palestinian flags in the lower chamber of deputies. In France, a parliamentary session was suspended after one of the lawmakers waved a Palestinian flag to draw attention to the unfolding bloodshed in Gaza. Elsewhere, Palestinian flags and banners hanged around the entrance to the Spanish Center for Arab Culture in Madrid after Spain formally recognized the State of Palestine, alongside Norway and Ireland on Tuesday. The decision was slammed by Israel. It has also sparked a sharp disagreement within the European Union. The Palestinian flag is now flying alongside the EU flag, outside the Irish parliament building in Dublin.

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