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Anger as Mexico delays recognition of Palestine

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The Israeli regime has face an unprecedented wave of isolation efforts over its genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Gaza over the past week.

The United Nations International Court of Justice has demanded Tel Aviv cease its horrific invasion of Rafah.

The International Criminal Court is seeking an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, while Spain Norway and Ireland finally recognized Palestine.

But in Mexico, President Lopez Obrador announced that he now "prefers to wait" and will not follow through on 2023 indications that he would recognize Palestinian statehood, which angered pro-Palestinian protesters who had gathered outside the Foreign Ministry in Mexico City.

What we want from our government is total support for humanity and that means total support for Palestine.

This means we must break relations with Israel, which is a heresy of state.

How can Mexico be on the side of imperialists like the United States, Great Britain, or, France?

Mexican Protester 01

In recent decades, Mexico has come under major criticism for submitting to Washington's line on Israel and the allegedly progressive Lopez Obrador administration has maintained a so called neutral position on the genocide in Gaza.

It is commonly held that next month, Mexico is certain to elect a leftist Jewish woman as president, and she's expected to maintain Mexico's policy of neutrality regarding the genocide in Gaza.

Protesters here say that if she wants to maintain her leftist bonafides that has to change.

Claudia Sheinbaum is a fake leftist who does not represent the Mexican left or the Mexican people.

She clearly has major pro-Zionist tendencies, so we should not expect her to support Palestine in the way that the Mexican people are demanding.

Mexican Protester 02

Public opinion is crystal clear with polls that show 90% of Mexicans support Palestine over Israel.

I think it's something that we understand because we know it's not only about flags and about Palestinian people, but also because we have been a population that has been under colonial pressure, under colonial control, and I think that's the same thing that's happening in Palestine.

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Mexico maintains diplomatic relations with Palestine and repeatedly sides with Palestine in the United Nations, but the average Mexicans will now have to wait, at least until the next administration.

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