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Palestinian resistance keeps up unprecedented anti-Israeli attacks; still going strong: US think tanks

Palestinian resistance inflicts heavy casualties on Israeli forces in Gaza.

Two US think-tanks say Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip have launched record number of retaliatory attacks on Israeli troopers and are still going strong, despite the Israeli regime’s intensified attacks against the besieged territory.

In a report published on social media on Wednesday, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP) noted that the resistance fighters are sustaining a very high daily rate of attacks targeting Israeli forces in the Jabalia refugee camp, as the Israeli military battles Hamas in northern Gaza months after claiming the resistance group had been “dismantled” in the area.

According to the report, Palestinian resistance groups have carried out 86 attacks --an average of roughly 28 attacks per day-- targeting Israeli forces in Jabalia since the regime’s military forces advanced further into the eastern areas of the Jabalia refugee camp on May 11.

This rate exceeds the level seen during a similar operation in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, when the resistance groups conducted 92 attacks --an average of roughly 10 attacks per day-- over a nine-day period during the Israeli military’s initial aggression in the area.

The war monitors further stated that Hamas will likely be able to compensate for any losses it suffers during the Israeli military’s aggression in northern Gaza by rebuilding its units in the Jabalia refugee camp after the regime’s forces withdraw from there.

They also stressed that the resistance fighters have preserved or rebuilt the personnel and material required for resisting Israeli raids in northern Gaza.

The report came a day after the Palestinian resistance said it has managed to destroy large numbers of Israeli military vehicles in an operation in Gaza, inflicting casualties on the occupation army.

The Jabalia refugee camp, established in 1948 to accommodate Palestinians who were displaced after the Nakba Day (Catastrophe Day), has become the largest refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

The 1948 mass displacement of Palestinians from their land turned over 750,000 Palestinians into lifetime refugees, almost overnight.

Since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in early October last year, Israeli forces have carried out several attacks on the Jabilia camp, leaving it in ruins by intense bombardment.

In early February, Israeli forces withdrew from the camp claiming they had destroyed Hamas’s fighting force in northern Gaza.

On Saturday, the Israeli military ordered residents of the Jabalia refugee ramp to evacuate “immediately,” as it prepares to launch offensives against Hamas.

Israel launched brutalities in Gaza on October 7 after Hamas carried out a historic operation against the usurping entity in retaliation for its intensified atrocities against the Palestinian people.

Israel has killed more than 35,170 Palestinians, mostly women and children, in Gaza since that October day. 

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