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Nakba to Genocide

The Gaza Strip, with its current geographic shape and demographic composition, along with the conditions within it, emerged in the aftermath of the 1948 Nakba, when Zionist Israel founded their illegal entity, and occupied a vast majority (78%) of historic Palestine'’s territory. 

Today, 76 years later, a much bigger Nakba that amounts to genocide has struck the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank and has effectively shaken the world order as we know it. 

Our guest on this edition of the program is Sheikh Maher Hammoud. He is a Lebanese Sunni religious scholar and the imam of Al-Quds Mosque in Sidon. He is also the Secretary-General of the Union of Resistance Scholars.

He has always affirmed that Gaza will come out victorious, and everyone will see with certainty that the resistance has triumphed and revived the dignity of all Arabs, Muslims and free peoples of the world, just as it did in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

Press TV talks to his eminence today as we remember Nakba 1948 while witnessing on live television a genocide unfold in Gaza over the past 220 days.

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