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British BAE systems supporting Israeli genocide in Gaza

BAE Systems is the UK's largest defense and security company.

The British weapons industry has been cashing in on the genocide in Gaza with a pivotal role being played by BAE Systems in supplying the Zionist killing machine.

While people across the world have been horrified at Israel's genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza, there have been some powerful sources celebrating the unleashing of this firepower on the Strip.

British arms giant, BAE Systems, reported the highest ever profits in 2023, partly due to the NATO war in Ukraine, but also thanks to Israel's attempt to subjugate Gaza.

This merchant of death, BAE Systems, enjoyed record sales, a total of £25.3 billion by the end of 2023.

BAE Systems provides the Israeli Air Force with essential systems for their F-15, F-16, and, F-35 fighter jets.

BAE provides the Israeli military with electronic missile launching kits and heads up display gun-sight technology for the F 16 aircraft, which is essential to targeting.

Fifteen percent of the value of the F-35 fighter jet is made in Britain, with US giant Lockheed Martin boasting that the fingerprint of British ingenuity can be found on dozens of the aircraft's key components.

In Britain, there is a history of working with Israeli arms companies such as Raphael and the infamous Elbit Systems.

The Rokar Silver Bullet is a precision guidance kit that BAE developed in close cooperation with the Israeli military in 2015.

It is designed to convert large caliber projectiles, such as those launched by tanks and warships, into very accurate munitions.

The Silver Bullet from BAE has been sold to Israeli armament maker IMI Systems, owned by Elbit Systems since 2018, for incorporation into M4 155 millimeter cannon artillery.

The Israeli military unmanned protector drones are equipped with a remotely operated Naval Weapons System called the Mk 38 typhoon gun system, which BAE upgraded in collaboration with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli weapons firm.

Even Israel's Apache attack helicopters include components from a BAE Systems subsidiary, Rokar, which was later purchased by Elbit Systems.

Evidently, while the British political elite may feign ignorance on Gaza, they certainly do know which side of BAE systems' bread is buttered.

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