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Protecting Africa's heritage

Every year, on May 5, African World Heritage Day is marked to honor natural wonders and cultural legacies of Africa. Proclaimed by the 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO in November 2015, African World Heritage Day is an opportunity for people around the world, and particularly Africans, to celebrate the Continent's unique cultural and natural heritage.

African heritage is the history, cultural practices, and beliefs of the people of Africa. It is important to preserve African heritage because it helps African people understand their past and where they came from. It also helps African nations understand their culture and how they relate with each other.

Preserving African heritage is important because it is part of the continent's identity and culture, and the only thing left by the ancestors of African people. It is a way to preserve the history of Africa for future generations. However the preservation of African heritages is facing challenges in the face of globalization. So, what steps should be taken to preserve African culture amid the onslaught by the decadent Western culture?

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