Rafah in the crosshairs

Israeli occupation forces have intensified their attacks on Rafah in the southernmost area of Gaza.

More than 100,000 Palestinians have fled the south since the beginning of this week.

Tens of thousands are heading to the center of the Strip amid fears of a looming humanitarian catastrophe for people who have endured the unthinkable over the past six months.

 The head of Israel's war cabinet, Benjamin Netanyahu, insists the invasion of Rafah will go ahead despite warnings from Tel Aviv's chief genocide enablers, Washington, that it will stop the supply of some types of weapons if the IOF does not change tact.

Yet surely, this must be the most evident form of too little too late.

The move also exposes the hypocrisy of Joe Biden and his cohorts surely speaking with their political forked tongues inadvertently admitting that the munitions they have supplied the genocidal regime in the past have been responsible for some of the greatest atrocities of the Israeli campaign.

The situation in the West Bank is also deteriorating with hundreds of settler terrorist acts taking place since October 7 with the interlopers, using the cover of the genocide, taking place in Gaza to commit, ethnic cleansing of their own.

As the global student movement in support of Palestinian rights gathers force ahead of a UN vote to consider full state rights for Palestine in the United Nations, is Israel able to recognize the futility of its actions in the region and immediately change course?

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