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Oxford University encampment against the war on Gaza

Students set up an encampment outside Pitts Rivers Museum at Oxford University (Via Irish News)

Students showing support for Palestinians have set up camps outside Oxford and Cambridge universities in the UK, demanding their universities divest from Israeli institutions that profit from the genocidal war in Gaza. 

The United Kingdom’s Oxford University has become the scene of the latest student-led encampment against the war on Gaza.

Their space is limited, their numbers are increasing, almost everyone is masked, and there is a wall for all to write their thoughts.

All are united in what they want.

We want full disclosure; we want divestment from this genocide, from occupation, from apartheid.

We want boycott, we want, you know, the university uses Barclays as a banker, and Barclays has, you know, a very strong role and is also investing in this genocide.

Oxford Student 01

Towering over the camp, the Pitt Rivers Museum holds within its walls a disturbing trove of artifacts 'stolen from colonized people around the world'.

The students are not alone in their action; faculty and staff members have released a statement supporting them. Some briefly appear at the camp to show solidarity.

As with the pro-Palestine demonstrations of the past seven months, they, too, are a diverse community, protesting in peace and feeling safe in each other's company.

I'm Jewish, and this is the safest I've felt at this university.

I am very close to so many of the people here; I'm making new friends every day with people who share my politics, who share the importance of liberation for all people.

And that is so beautiful and important to me.

Oxford Student 02

Similar camps have been established in other UK universities from UCL to Manchester to Warwick as well as Cambridge.

They have been inspired by campus protests across the United States, Generation Z students taking matters into their own hands in the face of government inaction.

It's a disgrace! Our governments are not complicit, they are enablers, and they’re direct participants in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

This could not happen without US weapons.

This could not happen without UK licensing, UK transfer of those weapons. 

Oxford Student 03

Oxford University is yet to engage directly with these students. It has, however, released a statement, saying it won't tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or anti-Palestinian hatred.

Oxford University has a long tradition of upholding free speech. It is home to the famous Oxford Union debates, talking about all issues of import under the sun, including the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

It remains to be seen though if the university will continue to uphold free speech in the face of increasing pro-Palestine Solidarity.

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