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Israeli genocide amid Olympic Games

The Olympic Games Paris 2024 will take place in France from 26 July to 11 August. (Photo by Reuters)

The Olympic Games are meant to be an occasion when global political differences are put aside with the hope that global harmony is every nation's ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, the Olympics have long appeared to be under disproportionate Western control, who have repeatedly politicized the games to advance their own agenda.

This year at the Paris games, Russia and Belarus have been banned from the opening ceremonies and their athletes who actively support the war in Ukraine are totally banned.

If even temporary sports-related harmony is not possible, then many say equality would be the next best thing. That explains the global campaign to ban Israel from the Olympics for their horrific attempted genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Right after their invasion, Russia was immediately banned from the Olympics.

And yet after more than half a year of carnage and murder, it is totally unacceptable that we are still asking for just one sanction on Israel.

The Olympic Committee is clearly in total complicity with Israel. And we can't accept this in France.

Ban Israel Protestor 01

As you just said it's a double standard.

It's a double standard and besides that, the Olympic game, as I said earlier, is a game about like bringing all the nations together with solidarity, peace, and that's not the mood of the genocide.

And that's why we asked for the state who is committing genocide to be sanctioned, because that's not that doesn't respect the value of the Olympic Games.

Ban Israel Protestor 02

On the rare occasions when the Olympics are not held in Western nations, mainstream media coverage is almost uniformly negative of the host country.

But this time, Western arms and support for the unprecedented bombing and massacre of Gaza appears certain to discredit France and her allies.

I don't know if our leaders will listen to us; they certainly don't have a very good track record of that.

But the people of France do not support this genocide and the Olympic Committee should not, either.

Ban Israel Protestor 03

It appears certain that many individual athletes and nations will refuse to compete against Israel even if the Olympic Committee continues to side with Tel Aviv and their war.

There is a non-binding United Nations resolution, known as the Olympic Truce, which encourages countries to avoid war during the games.

It is broadly held that if Israel continues its genocidal campaign during the Olympics, it could provoke unprecedented outrage on behalf of long suffering Palestine.

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