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Thousands call on UK government to stop arming Israel

A man pushes a bicycle along as he walks amid building rubble in the devastated area around Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital on April 3, 2024. (Photo by AFP)

Tens of thousands marched through central London reiterating calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for the UK to stop arming the Israeli regime.

As the world celebrated 30 years since the end of apartheid in South Africa, protesters assembled in their thousands in London calling for an end to the Israeli apartheid and echoing the global demand for a ceasefire in Gaza.

We are here to call for the victory of the Palestinian struggle that for us, it means the end of this genocidal war against Gaza, against the West Bank and against all the Palestinian people.

Protestor 01

It's not in our name, we are selling Englanders selling arms to Israel, and it's got to stop. They're creating genocide. And we don't want any part of it.

Protestor 02

At the destination of the march in Hyde Park, speaker after speaker including Northern Ireland's first minister Michelle O'Neill called out the American, European, and, British, government's complicity in the Israeli regime's crimes.

The March came only weeks after the British Prime Minister gave a Downing Street Address condemning extremism and saying the protests risks descending into mob rule and his counter-extremism Commissioner claimed London was becoming a no-go zone for Jews on Saturdays.

The allegations received pushback from a number of Jewish community leaders and members.

Nobody is unsafe in London. If you come into London wanting to defend genocide, people are going to criticize you whether you're Jewish, whether you're Muslim, whether you're Christian, or whatever.

We criticize Sunak, we criticize Starmer, neither of them is Jewish, because they defend genocide, they insist on arming Israel to kill innocent civilians.

Protestor 03

And so the tussle between pro-Palestine marchers, exercising their freedom of speech, and those who want to cancel those marches, continues.

The main theme of this protest, as with the previous ones, is the killing of so many civilians in the Gaza Strip, and the continued UK military and diplomatic support for the Israeli regime.

There's also an element of defiance directed at all of the attempts that have been made to disrupt and to antagonize these protests.

The protesters here are saying they aren't going anywhere, and that they will be coming back again and again, as long as the massacre continues.

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