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Iran condemns new sanctions by US, Britain and Canada

Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kan’ani

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has denounced the latest sanctions the United States, Britain and Canada slapped against a number of Iranian individuals and firms, stressing that such moves could by no means undermine the Iranian government and nation’s determination.

Nasser Kan’ani, in a statement released on Saturday, condemned the trio’s coercive measures against several real and legal entities linked to the Iranian armed forces.

He also decried the European Parliament’s resolution against Iran, sharply criticizing certain European countries for following the vicious policies of the US administration.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s military capacities are being developed in accordance with its requirements in order to protect national security and interests, safeguard territorial integrity and sovereignty, and create a legitimate and deterrent defense against foreign threats and acts of aggression,” Kan’ani said.

He underlined that Iran is a major partner of the international community as regards the establishment of regional and international peace and security, and the fight against international terrorism.

The Iranian diplomat stressed that sanctions against Iran’s defense sector could by no means erode the Iranian government and the nation’s determination to enhance national sovereignty for the sake of defending territorial integrity and national interests.

Contrary to the will of those imposing them, sanctions will turn into an opportunity for the promotion of self-sufficiency as well as military and defense capabilities, Kan’ani highlighted.

He also sternly criticized the European Parliament’s double standards toward the Israeli regime’s attack on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in the Syrian capital city of Damascus, arguing that the legislative bodies of the European Union simply expressed regret over the airstrike whilst strongly condemned Iran’s legitimate response to the Israeli act of aggression which came within the framework of inherent right of legitimate defense.

Kan’ani went on to roundly dismiss Western allegations over Russia’s deployment of Iranian-made drones against Ukraine, stating that the US and some European countries insist on going in the wrong direction of history, fueling crises and leveling accusations against others than to help stop the Gaza and Ukraine wars.

“If it were not for the sake of the bravery and determination of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and its martyred anti-terror advisors in the region, Daesh terrorists would have overrun the European Parliament with the heart of the United States, and jeopardized regional and international security even more.”

“How could the European Parliament brazenly call for the inclusion of the world’s only real counterterrorism force on the list of designated terrorist groups unless we assume that terrorist groups are acting in line with the illegitimate objectives and interests of the United States, a few European governments and the Zionist regime to fuel instability and insecurity in West Asia,” Kan’ani pointed out.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry underlined that many nations and governments, specifically in West Asia, hold out no hope of the role of the US and its European allies in the establishment of stability and security in the region anymore.

Kan’ani’s remarks came two days after the US, Britain and Canada announced fresh sanctions on Iran following its large-scale Operation True Promise against Israeli military targets on April 14.

The three governments said they were targeting Iran’s drone and missile industries by taking measures against individuals and companies “closely involved” in Iran’s production of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament on Thursday adopted a resolution condemning Iran’s extensive drone and missile strikes against the Israeli regime, in a vote of 357-20, and called for further sanctions to be imposed on Iranian entities.

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