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Know their names: Palestinian athletes, scouts, coaches killed by Israel in Gaza

By Press TV Website Staff

With just over three months left for the Paris 2014 Olympics, calls have grown louder and wider for the ban and boycott of Israel from the marquee sports competition over genocide in Gaza.

Human rights campaigners have been running a campaign that calls for a ban on the Israeli regime-affiliated teams from participating in the Paris Olympics and other international sports competitions.

Last month, the Palestine Football Association (PFA) urged the world football's governing body FIFA to impose a ban on the Israeli football team amid the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza.

"The entire football infrastructure in Gaza has been either destroyed or severely damaged," read the letter. "The loss of innocent lives, including no less than 99 footballers, the destruction of homes... Are clear violations of international law."

The letter came days after iconic Palestinian footballer Mohammed Barakat, who played for Ahly Gaza and Palestine national team, was killed when his house in Khan Younis city was bombed by Israel.

A campaign calling for a ban on Israel from the Paris Olympics has been underway since January when more than 300 Palestinian sports clubs, youth centers, and civil society groups launched it.

“We […] call on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to apply its principles and fulfill its obligations by banning Israel from the next Olympic Games to be held in Paris in July 2024, until it ends its grave violations of international law, particularly its system of apartheid and its ongoing genocide in Gaza,” said the campaign in a statement.

The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25), a pan-European political movement founded in 2016 by a group of European politicians, also launched a petition in early January calling on sports governing bodies to suspend Israel and had already gained over 92,000 signatures last month.

The campaign has gradually picked pace but the international sports governing bodies remain unfazed, revealing blatant double standards and indifference to the genocide against Palestinians, which has already killed more than 34,000 people since October 7.

Among the victims have been at least 97 athletes, 32 officials and technicians, and 18 scouts.

Dozens of others have been injured and many others have been arrested and the sports infrastructure has been damaged during this period, according to the Palestinian Football Association.

The association released a list of Palestinian athletes killed, injured, and detained since October 7, 2023, by the Israeli regime. It, however, may not include the names of all victims.


1. Abdul Hafez Al-Mabhouh - Judo

2. Basem Al-Nabahin - Basketball

3. Nazir Al-Nashash - Football

4. Rashid Dabour - Football

5. Mohammed Al-Refi - Football

6. Baraa Madaht - Football

7. Haitham Al-Ara'er - Football Goalkeeper

8. Mohammed Al-Ghazali - Football

9. Mohammed AkramHajazi - Football

10. Ibrahim Abu Zaid - Football

11. Mohammed Husuna - Football

12. Mohammed Al-Taweel - Football

13. Osama Abu Nahar - Football

14. Mohammed Qanan - Football

15. Mohammed Al-Muqayad - Football

16. Mohammed Abu Dan - Football

17. FathiIs'eifan - Football

18. Abdul Qader Al-‘Atar - Football

19. Ahmed Hatem Al-Fara - Football

20. Abdullah Abu Sleima - Football

21. Mohammed Abu Saleima - Football

22. Abdul Rahman Al-Aqad - Football

23. Raed Baroud - Football

24. Ahmed Awad - Short Stature Football

25. Rashid Eid - Football

26. Tareq Al-Hour - Football

27. Mohammed Al-Hour - Football

28. Abdullah Abu Al-Haiga - Football

29. Mohammed Awad Al-Najjar - Football

30. Ahmed Riah - Football

31. Abdul Rahman Khattab - Football

32. Ahmed Abu Rakan - Volleyball

33. Emad Hamdan - Football

34. Yasmin Sharaf - Karate

35. Emad AkramHajazi - Football

36. Shadi Sabah - Football

37. Osama Abu Nassar - Football

38. Yahya Al-Agha - Football

39. Hassan Zaiter - Volleyball

40. Ibrahim Qusa’ea - Volleyball

41. Mohammed Shaker Safi - Member of the Sports For AllFederation, Athletics Coach, and Volleyball Referee

42. Mohammed Abu Hassaira - Football

43. Rami Abu Shawish - Volleyball Player, KhadamatJabalia Club

44. Mahmoud Abu Saleima - Football Player

45. Mahmoud Abu Dan - Mohammad Abu Dan - Football Players

46. Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Qan - Football Player

47. Mohammad Ahmed Abu Zaid - Former President of Shabab Al-Zawayda Club

48. Hamed Abu M’aileq - Basketball Player

49. Ahmad Adu - Player, Palestinian Short Stature Football Team

50. Ismail Abu Shamlah - Board Member of the Khadamat Al-Maghazi Club

51. Mohammed Hassouna - Captain of Shabab Al-Zawayda Club

52. Anas Hamdan - Volleyball Player

53. Mahmoud Afana - Goalkeeper Coach, Al-Zaytoun Club

54. Mohammed Drabieh - Volleyball Referee, Assistant Football Referee

55. Jumana Al-Masri - Volleyball Player, Gaza Sports Club

56. Siwar Al-Madhoun - Basketball Player

57. Mu’menAql - Bodybuilding Federation

58. Raghad Al-Jabari - Wheelchair Basketball Player

59. Sama Al-Jabari - Wheelchair Basketball Player

60. Wisam Jadallah - Coach, Palestine Volleyball National Team

61. Thaer Abu Alteen - Wrestler, Jenin Wrestling Club

62. Hussain Sabah - Table Tennis Federation

63. Khaled Budeir - Football Referee

64. Tahseen Taleb - Basketball Player, Shati’ Club

65. Mohammed Al-Maflouh - Player, ShababJabalia Club

66. Nihad Al-Maflouh - Coach, Shabab Jabalia Club

67. Bilal Abu Samaan - Coach, Athletics Federation

68. Bisan / Juman / YamanHasanein - Karate Federation

69. Yousef Dawood - Football Player

70. Adli Al-Rafati - Player,  Palestine National Team for People with Disabilities

71. Ahmad Alwan – Football player of Nama’ Club.

72. Mohammad Nidal Al-Hawajri – Football player of Khadamat Al-Nussairat Club.

74. Subhi Farawna – Board Member of Itihad Khan Younis Club.

75. Jamal Al-‘Oqaili Abu Yousef – Chief of Appeals Committee at PFA (Founder of Nunchaku Sports in Palestine).

76. Mohammad Iyad Abu Shai’ra-  Karate Athlete.

77. Jihad Al-Haj Ahmad – Observer of Football tournaments.

78. Amir Al-Hilo Abu S’auod – Former coach of Khadamat Jabaliya Basketball Team.

79. Ahmad –‘Allan – Football player of Jabal Al-Mukaber.

80. Mohammad MidhatZeid – Volleyball player of Khadamat Jabaliya.

81. Khaled Zubaidi – Football player of Zeita Club.

82. Nagham Abu Samra – Karate.

83. Saleh Baraka – Player of Al-‘Atta’ Sports Club.

84. Mohammad Abu Shari’a – Karate Athlete at Al-Shams Sports Club.

85. Mohammad Faisal Abu ‘Awaad – Football Player of Nour Shams Club.

86. Ali Ahmad Al-Bayadi – Karate Athlete.

87. AhmadAli Al-Bayadi – Karate Athlete.

88. Mohammad Marwan Tatari – Football Player.

89. Mo’eenMughrabi – Palestine Football National Team player; Holder of First Bronze Medal in 1999 in the Arab Championship.

90. Abdel Rahim LuayKhashan -Taekwondo Athlete in Gaza Sports Club.

91. Subhi Abu Samra – Football Player on Professionals Academy.

92. Musa Musleh – Al-Mashtal Club Football Player

93. Monaser Abu Sharkh – Wrestling Athlete.

94. Omar Abu ‘Anza – Football Player of Shabab Rafah Club.

95. Mohammad Barakat – Player of Palestine Football National Team.

96. Saaid Abu Rukba – Wrestling Athlete.

97. Ashraf Murad – Palestine Baseball National Team (Technical Manager of Baseball Federation).

Officials and Technicians:

1. Aaref Al-Nabahin – Symbolic Figure for the Team

2. Mohammed Aldallu – President of the Table Tennis Federation

3. Issa Al-‘Arrouqi – Table Tennis Referee

4. Mohammed Matar – Media Official at the Judo Federation

5. Nader Abu Yousef – Sports Supervisor, Khadamat Al-Nusayrat Club

6. Tal’atTobasi – Administrator, Gaza Sports Club

7. Lawyer Hamada Mukhimer – Legal Advisor for Khadamat Rafah Club

8. Basem Al-Suweirki – Administrator at Al-Mujama’ Al-Islami Club

9. Mahmoud Al-Khatib – Youth Coach at Rafah Club

10. Mahmoud Abu Zaid – President of Shabab Al-Zawayda Club

11. Omar Abu Shawish – Board Member of the Cultural and Sports Federation

12. Ahmed Al-Misshal – Employee at the Higher Council for Youth and Sports

13. Mohammed Hajazi – Administration Member at Shabab Jabalia Club

14. Mahmoud Al-Khatib – Football Coach (Shabab Rafah Club)

15. Kamel Al-Yaziji – President of the Athletics and Fitness Federation

16. Mustafa Abu ‘Atwan Abu Sa'ib – Symbolic Figure for the Team

17. Mohammed Abu Samra – Sports Media Representative

18. Tala Kleib – Coach of Khan Younis Club Football team.

19. Odeh Al-Hilo – Physician of Palestine Volleyball National Team – Shabab Jabaliya Club.

20. Yousef Jum’a Salameh – Honorary President of Khadamat Al-Maghazi Club.

21. Sulaiman Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

22. Jamil Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

23. Muhammad Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

24. Nizar Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

25. Ahmad Bassam Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

26. Bassam Abu Shari’a – Board Member of Al-Shams Club.

27. MunatserNofel – President of Al-Sadaqa Club Fans Association.

28. Hani Al-Masdar – Assistant Coach of Palestine Olympic Football Team.

29. Nabil Mubrek – Former President of Palestine Athletics National Team.

30. Muhammad Khattab – Football International Referee.

31. Nidal Alsheikh Abed – President of Shawka Sports Club – Rafah.

32. Abdel Qader Abdel Kareem Abu Holi – Higher Council for Youth & Sports.


1. Khalil Fasseeh

2. BasselMishmish

3. Journalist Sa’eed Al-Taweel

4. Fayez Arafat

5. Asar Al-Baik

6. Ahmed Suroor

7. Samir Al-Qatnani

8. Abdulmoein Abu Rabhi

9. Ahmed Ghalib Mutair

10. Abdelfattah Khalil

11. Ahmed Abdelrahman

12. Ahmed Kashkou

13. Ismael Kashkou

14. Mohammed RaedKashkou

15. Ahmed RaedKashkou

16. Saeed Al-Taweel

17. Yamen Abu Kmail

18. Nagham Abu Samra

 List of the Injured:

1. Abdullah Al-Soufi – Player, Shabab Rafah Club

2. Sa’eed Al-Kurd – Coach, Khadamat Al-Maghazi Club

3. Mohammed Al-Rakhawi – Football Player

4. Islam Al-Shakhreet – Football Referee

5. Mohammed Issleem – Deputy Head of the Technical Committee, Taekwondo Federation

6. Taleb Al-Najjar – Volleyball Player

7. Iyad Shahin and his children – Palestine Olympic Committee

8. ‘Aaida Al-Bayadi – Karate Athlete

9. Muhammad Al-Najjar - Wrestling

List of Detainees:

1. Issa Ali – Goalkeeper, Beit Ummar Football Club

2. Mohammed Ali – Player, Beit Ummar Football Club

3. ‘Ata Jaber – President, Shabab Al-Eizariya Club

4. Fakher Khalaf – Coach, Rantis Volleyball Club

5. Tareq Al-Shareef – Correspondent for Youth and Sports

6. Osama Abu Sha'ira – Player, Ibda' Volleyball Club

7. Ghazi Wahdan – Player, Rantis Club

8. NimerDarghmah – Toubas Club, Bodybuilding

9. Omar NahedBarghouthi – Higher Council for Youth & Sports

List of Damaged Sports Facilities:

1. Destruction of the United Nations Development Programme Stadium in Rafah

2. Bombing of three equestrian clubs in Gaza

3. Bombing of KhadamatJabalia Club

4. Bombing of the Baseball and Softball Stadium in Al-Shati’ Camp

5. Bombing of numerous sports facilities and halls for individual and combat sports

6. Demolition of the Youth Center in Nour Shams camp, Tulkarim

7. Demolition of the Youth Center in Jenin

8. Destruction of the bus of TulkarimYouth Club

9. Destruction of the Islamic Club Center in Qalqilya

10. Bombing of the Beit Hanoun Sports Stadium

11. Destruction of Khadamat Al-Yarmouk Club Stadium

12. Destruction of the headquarters of Al-Awda Sports Club

13. Bombing the headquarters of the Palestine Olympic Committee in Gaza

14. Bombing the headquarters of the Palestine Football Association in Gaza

15. Bombing the headquarters of Palestine Paralympics Committee in Gaza

16. Destruction of Palestine International Stadium

17. Destruction of Al-Shams Sports Club

18. Destruction of Khadamat Al-Buraij Club

19. Destruction of the headquarters of Beit Lahya Sports Club

20. Destruction of Champions Sports Club

21. Destruction of Beit Hanoun Al-Ahli Club

22. Destruction of Beit Hanoun Sports Club

23. Destruction of Nama’ Sports Club

24. Destruction of Shabab Jabalya Sports Club

25. Destruction of KhadamatJabalya Sports Club

26. Destruction of Al-Salam Sports Club

27. Destruction of Al-Karama Sports Club

28. Destruction of Al-Hilal Sports Club

29. Destruction of Gaza Sports Club

30. Destruction of Al-Sadaqa Sports Club

31. Destruction of Al-Ahli Palestinian Sports Club

32. Destruction of ` Al-Shuja’iya Sports Club

33. Destruction of Al-Radwan Sports Club

34. Destruction of Al-Yarmouk Sports Club

35. Destruction of Al-Zaytoon Sports Club

36. Destruction of Khadamat Al-Maghazi Sports Club

37. Destruction of Ma’en Sports Club

38. Destruction of Al-Awda Sports Club

39. Destruction of Al-Masdar Sports Club

40. Destruction of Al-Sadaqa Equestrian Club

41. Destruction of Abu Shari’a Equestrian Club

42. Destruction of Al-Mujama’ Al-Islami Sports Club

43. Destruction of Al-Mashtal Sports Club

44. Destruction of Jabalya Sports Club Auditorium

45. Destruction of Al-Sadaqa Sports Club Auditorium

46. Destruction of Al-Ahli Sports Club Auditorium

47. Destruction of Al-Shate’ Sports Club Auditorium

48. Destruction of Gaza Sports Club Auditorium

49. Destruction of Al-Hilal Sports Club Auditorium

50. Destruction of Hasan Salama Sports Club Auditorium

51. Destruction of Al-Mujama’ Al-Islami Sports Club Table Tennis Hall

52. Destruction of the Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool of Al-Sadaqa Club

53. Destruction of the Swimming Pool of Al-Nama’ Club

54. Destruction of the Swimming Pool of Al-Shalihat Sports Club

55. Destruction of the Swimming Pool of Champions Sports Club

56. Destruction of the Football field of Beit Lahya Sports Club

57. Destruction of Al-Yarmouk Stadium

58. Destruction of the football field of Al-Nussairat Sports Club

59. Destruction of Al-Yarmouk Coronation Field

60. Destruction of Markaz Toulkarm Club

61. Destruction of Step & Dream Club

62. Destruction of Al-Mashtal Academy

63. Destruction of Champions Club

64. Destruction of the Sports City Stadium in Khan Younis

65. Destruction of Gaza Sports Club Football Field

66. Destruction of the Equestrian Club of Qalandia

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