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Iran's 'legitimate response' 

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has hailed Iran’s recent punitive operation against Israel as a legitimate and deserved response to the regime's attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus.The movement said Iran’s operation ended the era of Israel’s impunity and unaccountability. Hamas also deplored Western countries’ concerted action to defend Israel against Iran’s punitive operation. It said Western states that defend Israel have remained totally silent on the regime’s genocide in Gaza and repression of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. The movement also reiterated its call on Arab and Muslim nations as well as regional resistance groups to continue supporting Palestinians in their struggle to liberate their occupied territories.

Israeli crimes in Gaza 

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees says some of its staff members detained by Israeli forces in Gaza were subjected to ill treatment and severe torture while in custody. UNRWA said the detainees were subjected to beatings and treatment like water-boarding, threats of rape, and electrocution. They were also forced to strip naked, among other forms of ill treatment. The agency says some detainees were subjected to insults and humiliation such as deprivation of water, food, sleep and toilets. In some cases, they were made to act like animals and were urinated on. UNRWA said in other cases, the detainees were threatened with prolonged detention, injury or the killing of family members. The revelation comes as some UN rapporteurs had previously documented Israeli abuse of Palestinian detainees on numerous occasions. The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has called torture of Palestinian prisoners affirmation of the regime’s brutality and war crimes in Gaza.

US-Israeli genocide in Gaza 

Israel’s indiscriminate strikes, which have been ongoing for well over six months, continue to claim more Palestinian lives across the besieged Gaza Strip. In one of the latest attacks, seven civilians, including a woman and three children, were killed after a residential structure sheltering displaced people was targeted in the southern city of Rafah. Thirteen others were killed after Israel bombed a group of citizens near the Sheikh Radwan Bridge in Gaza City. Separately, Palestinian rescue workers recovered the bodies of eleven Palestinians from under the rubble in various areas in Khan Yunis. Gaza’s health ministry says the death toll from the Israeli genocide has risen to nearly 33,900. Over 76,600 others have been injured. The World Health Organization has renewed its call for protection of Gaza’s hospitals, which have been a regular target for the regime’s attacks. The WHO described the destruction inflicted on Gaza’s hospitals as heartbreaking. Israel has admitted that over 7,200 of its soldiers have been injured since October 7.

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