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‘Game over’: Netizens read obituary of Zionist entity after Iran's retaliatory strikes

By Press TV Staff Writer

Iran launched a barrage of long-range missiles and drones late on Saturday targeting military sites in the occupied territories in response to the regime’s recent terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Israeli military officials who had downplayed the threat posed by Iran prior to the attack and the Israeli media that went into overdrive in pacifying the panic-stricken settlers were both left embarrassed.

According to military pundits, it was truly unprecedented that hundreds of drones and missiles penetrated multiple defense layers and landed in the occupied territories, sending shockwaves.

Social media has been abuzz about the Iranian retaliatory military strike, with netizens hailing the Islamic Republic for walking the talk and keeping the promise with its ‘Operation True Promise’.

Amal Saad, lecturer in politics at Cardiff University, in a post on X, formerly Twitter, said the Iranian military’s ability to take the fight to the occupied territories represents a “significant strategic blow” for the apartheid-occupying regime.

“Even if this largest drone attack in history doesn’t result in massive destruction and high military casualties, Iran’s ability to bring the war to Israel and inflict this level of disruption to everyday life, is a significant strategic blow to Israel,” Saad, who is an expert on Axis of Resistance, wrote.

Danny Haiphong, a US-based geopolitical analyst, said it’s “game over for Israeli impunity.”

“Iran has sent dozens of slow drones to strike Israel with more advanced drones and cruise missiles to come,” Haiphong wrote, referring to the initial burst of drones fired by Iran toward occupied Palestine.

“Israel will be hit hard for its attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, not to mention its genocide in Gaza. Game over for Israeli impunity.”

Hadi Nasrallah, a social media influencer, in a post on X, said Israel is “fully under attack.”

“Israel is fully under attack. Sirens are not stopping from the north to the south and explosions are being heard all over. Iran has every right to defend itself. Maybe next time Israel shouldn’t bomb an embassy.”

Reza Nasri, a lawyer and foreign policy analyst, in response to the tweet by British premier Rishi Sunak in which he condemned the Iranian retaliatory action, said Iran was only exercising its right to self-defense.

“The unelected UK Prime Minister condemns Iran for exercising its right to legitimate self-defense under the UN Charter but never condemned Israel's illegal attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, nor did he move a finger in the past 6 months to prevent the genocide of 35000 civilians in Gaza,” Nasri wrote.

Alex Shamsi, a writer and researcher based in the US, came up with a timely reminder that it was the Israeli regime that launched the aggression against Iran and provoked it to retaliate.

“Just a reminder: Israel bombed an Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1. The attack was a flagrant breach of international law that left 7 dead. Iran is now *responding* to Israel's attack,” he posted.

 Ashok Kumar, an author and activist, in an X post, said the Gaza sky was finally empty of planes.

“For the first time since October 7, there are no planes over Gaza now as a result of the attack launched by Iran on Israel and the occupation’s announcement of the closure of airspace There will be a ceasefire whether they like it or not,” he tweeted.

Ebrahim Moosa, a professor of Islamic thought based in the US, slammed the Western media for distorting facts about the Iranian retaliation against the Israeli regime.

“Our media says Israel “attacked” by Iran. Iran “retaliated” against an unprovoked Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus. Distortion by US media,” Moosa wrote.

Sharmine Narwani, a journalist and The Cradle columnist, cited a report by Israeli Channel 12 confirming that seven missiles hit the Ramon air base in the occupied Negev.

"This is the airbase from which Israel conducted its bombing attack on Iran's diplomatic mission in Damascus. The IRGC has said tonight that it has only targeted Israeli military structures in its strikes - i.e., "legitimate military targets"," she wrote.



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