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Iran's need for production surge and its requirements

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has designated the new Persian year of 1403 as the year of "Surge in Production Through People’s Participation".

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has designated the new Persian year of 1403 as the year of "Surge in Production Through People’s Participation".

For several years, the Leader has noted that solving the country's problems depends on the boom in production and then the economy.

If we can boost production, many problems of the country such as unemployment will be solved, enabling us to not only meet domestic needs, but also export goods that would become a source of foreign exchange income.  

Surge in production means compensating lags in production as quickly as possible. In other words, all available facilities and capacities in the country should be used in order to achieve an acceptable standard of production in a short period of time.

There is a relationship between production, supply, boom and surge. Products offered in the market must be consumed in order to continue production. Continuity of production will accordingly lead to a boom in production.

The current conditions governing the economy require going beyond the boom. Maintaining production boom and compensating production shortcomings will lead to a jump in production, and the jump in production will lead to more diverse supply of products to the consumer market.

In order to make a continuous surge in production, it is necessary to change the country's assembly lines into a manufacturing industry. This means product design and production should be done by domestic experts using internal technology.

Product manufacturing, while creating independence in production and preventing foreign dependence, increases the income of production units and provides the possibility of creating diversity and differentiation in production more than the assembly industry.

For production, manufacturing technology is very important regardless of design capability. The more complex the product, the more important the manufacturing technology is. Therefore, for the industrialization of the country which will definitely lead to a jump in production, the ability to design products and produce technology must have a significant jump.

One of the most important requirements for a jump in production is the competitiveness of the product. A jump in production should always lead to a jump in sales in order to achieve positive economic outcome.

The competitiveness of a product means that the product has an advantage or advantages over similar products that convince the customer to buy it.

The most important advantages that a product can have over similar products are superior quality, lower price, availability, better and longer after-sales support and services, more variety, more beauty and product compatibility with the environment and terms of use and the user.

Productivity plays a key role in surge in production. There are different types of productivity, including labor productivity, material productivity, energy efficiency, and capital efficiency.  

Productivity improvement leads to lower production costs and ultimately lowers product prices. Reducing the finished price of the product can make it possible for the product to compete with similar products of equal quality.

Identifying and eliminating redundant and unnecessary costs, updating production technology and making changes in production processes are among the measures that, if done correctly, will reduce the total price of the product.

Supply chain is the most important and longest process in production. The supply chain has three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.

In fact, the supply chain begins with the supply of raw materials and continues until the final product is delivered to the customer. For products that need support and after-sales service, the supply chain should also include it. 

A jump in production should be followed by a jump in sales to drive the country's economy. The competitive advantage or advantages of a product are the factors and reasons that convince the customer to buy that product.

In some cases, the customer is willing to buy a product at a higher price than the price of similar products. In fact, the customer is willing to pay a higher price for brand products. Brand goods have higher competitiveness in any market.

A jump in production to achieve a jump in sales requires branding in order to be able to compete with foreign products in the domestic and foreign markets.

Branding means always being one step ahead of competitors and creating peace of mind for the consumer. Being one step ahead means identifying market needs correctly and early, creativity in design and production, paying attention to customer's wishes and tastes and creating product variety and price variety.

In sum, if we want the jump in production to lead to a jump in sales and Iranian products, we must brand our products and introduce them to foreign markets.  

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